The Ritual of “La Danza del Gavilán” in Tancanhuitz amazes tourists from Mexico and the world

Work will be done to consolidate the ritual into a successful travel experience for the benefit of indigenous communities

Under the mandate of the Governor of San Luis Potosí, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, to promote the attractions of San Luis Potosí at a national and international level, within the framework of the celebration of the Day of the Dead, the head of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), Aurora Mancilla Castro was a participant in the ancestral ritual of “La Danza del Gavilán”, a ceremony that takes place at the Tamaletóm Ceremonial Center, in the municipality of Tancanhuitz.

Considered one of the most beautiful prints of the Tének indigenous culture, the dance performed by residents of the demarcation recreates the way in which the sparrowhawk hunts its prey using the reflection of its shadow, which led it to be declared a World Heritage Site. Culture of the entity.

“El Vuelo”, held at noon on November 1, marked the “arrival of the dead”, as marked by the belief of the original peoples that inhabit this region, a ceremony that was carefully followed by tourists who arrived at this point, as well as by the cameras of a documentary team from the Mask Museum in Phoenix, Arizona.

Traditional music, the smell of copal, cempasúchil flower and the harangue in the original language framed the impressive ritual headed by the young Esteban Enríquez Román, who acts as the Captain of the new generation of flyers and is in charge of greeting the “Mother Earth” dancing more than 20 meters high.

The head of the Sectur, commented that Los Voladores de Tamaletón are consolidated as a great product of cultural tourism, which could increase its diffusion both in Mexico and abroad thanks to the impulse of President Ricardo Gallardo, “the ancestral ritual is unique and We will work much harder to consolidate it in a short time into one of the emblems of San Luis Potosí”, said Mancilla Castro.