The romantic message from Erik Rubín to Andrea Legarreta that causes a furor in networks

Andrea Legarreta shows off her family moments every chance she gets.


A few months ago, Erik Rubín and Andrea Legarreta They surprised locals and strangers after they announced their separation after more than 22 years of marriage. However, both made it clear in a statement that they still care for each other and that they would maintain a cordial relationship for the sake of their daughters.

That is why Erik Rubinformer member of Timbiriche, took advantage of Legarreta’s birthday to dedicate a tender message to him through Instagram that sparked rumors of a possible reconciliation.

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This July 12, Andrea Legarreta celebrated her birthday amid congratulations from his family and friends; Undoubtedly, Erik Rubín did not miss the opportunity to wish his wife the best.

“How lucky I am to have you in my life. And today and always, all the people who have the same fortune, cWe make yours big and beautiful. You deserve what you dream. I love you. Happy Birthday”, wrote Erik Rubín, accompanying the message with a photo of Andrea Legarreta in front of her birthday cake.

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Andrea LegarretaMeanwhile, he took the opportunity to comment on Rubín’s publication and leave him another romantic message: “Today they asked me what my birthday wish would be… The ONLY thing I have is thanks. Thank you for what you lived and shared. Thank you for what has been built and for the love that has sustained us at all times and stages.. I love you too. To continue sharing life ”, she reads.

Immediately, the publication received comments of all kinds, among those who congratulated Andrea and those who took time to celebrate how well the couple gets along; however, criticism was not lacking. “His publications are lazy. They love each other, they don’t love each other, they divorce, they come back. Total laziness”, “Weren’t they separated?”, “If you love her, why aren’t they still together?”, the publication reads.