The Rose of Guadalupe: Debt

This Tuesday, September 26, the chapter hits the screen ‘Debt’of ‘The Rose of Guadalupeat 7:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas.

We must be careful with the people we bet with, because the gambling addiction It can lead us to do cruel things, like handing over a daughter to unknown people, leaving them to their fate, putting them in danger… parents are there to care for, educate, love and protect their children… not to hand them over as currency. of change for them to pay.

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The Rose of Guadalupe

The Rose of Guadalupe: Debt

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What is it about?

Don Gumaro (Rafael Romero) is a man with whom luck is always there, when playing dominoes in the town canteen he always beats his opponents.

Prudentius (Juan Acosta) does not have the same luck, he is a gambler, and despite knowing that he never wins anything, he cannot stop gambling and his debt to Don Gumaro is getting bigger and bigger.


Isabella (Karla Garrido) is already fed up with Prudencio, the only thing stopping her from leaving him are her children.

Rosita (Alisson Santiago) is the eldest daughter of Isabella and Prudencio, she is a young studious woman eager to progress in addition to being an excellent daughter.


The only way that Prudencio finds to evade his reality is to get drunk and pretend that nothing is happening, he does not take seriously the debt he owes to Don Gumaro.

While her mother is away, Rosita receives a proposal from her boyfriend; Catalino (Erick Valencia) tells her that they leave the town together to progress, but she rejects him.


Prudencio looks worried about Don Gumaro’s visit, he is determined to strip him of his house… Poor Rosita will be the one to pay for the irresponsibility of her father’s gambler, unfortunately she will have to pay… ‘The Debt’.