The rude geographical error in “La Madre” that few realized

One of the most successful actresses and singers of Hollywood is Jennifer Lopez. Recently the original artist from the Bronx became news for the last film he released

we are talking about the movie “The Mother”, which is available on netflix and where the couple of Ben Affleck dazzles with his performance.

What is “The Mother” about?

“While fleeing from some dangerous assailants, a murderess comes out of hiding to protect the daughter he abandoned while alive.” indicates the synopsis official of the new Jennifer Lopez movie.

However, Although this movie is doing very well on the Netflix platform, many users have discovered errors and inconsistencies not only in the script of it, but also in the filming.

What mistakes are there in “The Mother”?

For example, in one of the final scenes of the film, snowmobiles change color. In his first approach to the cabin in the woods, the killers’ snowmobiles are white. In later scenes they change color and are black.

On the other hand, there are very noticeable geographical errors. Towards the beginning of the film, when the character Jennifer Lopez arrives in Ohio, the side of the jet says “North” and his tail is blue with a yellow sun with a polar bearalthough clearly It’s a Canadian Northern jet. Canadian North only flies in the north from Canada, mainly in Nunavut.Who stars in “The Mother”?

Besides Jennifer Lopez, the new Netflix movie It has a luxury cast: Omari Hardwick, Joseph Fiennes (known for his roles in “Shakespeare In Love” or the hit series “The Handmaid’s Tale”), the Mexican Gael Garcia Bernal, Edie Falco and Lucy Paez.

This new tape Netflix is ​​defined as a lethal thrillerand is directed by Nikki Caro, who already surprised us with the live action of “Mulán”. In addition, this film has a script by Misha Freen, who was behind the “Lovecraft Country” series.