The rumor arises that Cazzu is pregnant by Nodal

We tell you why and how this rumor started that Cazzu is pregnant by Christian Nodal. Is it true that they are expecting a baby?

This rumor is giving a lot to talk about in the last few hours, since the young couple has little time together, in addition to the fact that their story was born in the midst of the singer’s turbulent breakup with Belinda. Therefore, we tell you what we know about this assumption.

The rumor that Cazzu is pregnant began when the Argentine rapper appeared with Christian Nodal at the Lo Nuestro Awards.

And it is that the famous appeared in a tight black dress, where, according to users, a much larger belly was seen. In addition to the fact that in some photos taken of the couple, the singer placed his hands on the belly of the famous.

As if that were not enough, some tiktokers who are dedicated to giving news from the artistic medium have also spoken about this assumption. A magazine with national circulation even indicated that the Argentine singer would have the baby in January.

In the midst of these bickering, neither Cazzu nor Nodal have spoken on the subject. However, the reality is that the rumors about this supposed pregnancy keep the press, the fans of the couple and even those of Belinda attentive, because Nodal ended badly with the singer and exhibited the mother of the singer of Amor a First glance. In addition to the fact that Nodal proclaimed true love to the famous and only a few months ago he began his romance with the rapper.