The Russian Justice extended the detention of the imprisoned Wall Street Journal reporter

Evan Gershkovich, in a glazed area in a Moscow city court (AP) (Alexander Zemlianichenko /)

The arrest of the reporter Wall Street Journal Evan Gershkovic in Russia for alleged espionage was extended on Thursday until November 30, the Russian state news agency reported. rate.

Gershkovich arrived at the Moscow courthouse in a white prison van and left handcuffed and dressed in jeans, sneakers and a shirt. Reporters waiting outside the court were unable to attend the hearing.. According to ratethe procedure was held behind closed doors because the details of the criminal case are classified.

The prosecution had asked to extend his detention beyond August 30. Gershkovich has appealed the extensions of his arrest.

Gershkovich's transfer this Thursday (Reuters)
Gershkovich’s transfer this Thursday (Reuters) (MAXIM SHEMETOV /)

The journalist, a 31-year-old US citizen, was arrested in the city of Yekaterinburg during a business trip by Russia at the end of March. According to the Federal Security Service, “acting on the instructions of the US side, he collected information considered a state secret about the activities of one of the companies of the Russian military-industrial complex.”

For now, Russia did not publicly provide any evidence of its accusations.

Both Gershkovich and his company deny the accusations, and the US government has stated that he was wrongly detained. Russian authorities have not provided any evidence to support the espionage charges.

In early August, US Ambassador to Russia Lynne Tracy paid Gershkovich her third visit, saying he appeared to be in good health despite the circumstances. Gershkovich was being held in the Lefortovo prison in the Russian capital, known for his harsh conditions.


Gershkovich is the first American reporter to face espionage charges in Russia since September 1986when Nicholas Daniloff, a correspondent for US News and World Report in Moscow, was arrested by the KGB.

Analysts have pointed out that Moscow may be using the Americans jailed in the country as a bargaining chip amid rising tensions between the United States and Russia over the Kremlin’s military operation in Ukraine. At least two American citizens arrested in Russia in recent years, including WNBA star Brittney Griner, have been traded for Russians imprisoned in the United States.

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