The sad story of the young woman who sent her resume and they never called her… because she was the market list

Damaris Renovato presents herself as a “digital creator” but on her Facebook account she narrated a melodramatic episode that kept her two years without getting a job.

Despite constantly sending emails with his resume attached in a Word file, he never received a positive or negative response.

“I said achis why nobody calls me? And they never answered me ANYTHING,” he wrote in his publication in which he shared screenshots of the email he was sending.

The problem, he realized two years later, is that his resume was not written in that word file, but rather what he needed for lunch: it was the market list, including “normal chili” and sausage.

Today I realize that the Word file that I have been sent for two years is a super list.

The publication went viral and some comments pointed out that perhaps the problem was not so much that he sent the market list but that he sent a word file.

“They didn’t even open it, just by looking at the “I attach my CV” and seeing what comes in WORD, they already know that when they open it, everything will turn out crooked”.

Others focused their attention on the peculiar fact that the list included “normal chile.” The doubt was repeated in so many messages that Damaris herself wrote the explanation: “The normal chili is the jalapeño.”

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