The Santa Fe Klan would give up drugs for a powerful reason; meet her

The Santa Fe Klan has never denied its involvement with drugs.


Santa Fe Klan has never denied his relationship with drugs, and even accepted that he has been consuming marijuana since he was 12 years old; However, during an interview she opened up and stated that, now that he is a father, he would be willing to change his lifestyle.

It is important to remember that Luka, the son of the Santa Fe Klanhas just turned his first year of age on June 30 and has been the subject of inspiration for a song that bears his same name, “Luka”.

Although Maya Nazor and the rapper separated for personal reasons, both celebrated the little boy’s birthday with a party whose images soon went viral on networks. Both refuse to share the child’s face to protect him from “hate”, although on several occasions they have said that, perhaps in the future, they will show his face.


The Santa Fe Klan accepted that Luka’s arrival has changed his life.



It was in a conversation with Telemundo that the Santa Fe Klan acknowledged that he had never thought about making drastic changes in his life until little Luka was born, and quitting drugs would be among those purposes.

“I had never felt a reason to stop (using marijuana). I am not saying that I am going to stop doing it, or that I am against those who do it, but at least I’m going to leave it so that the children do not see me smoke”the young man commented rapper when questioned about it.

Similarly, the Santa Fe Klan revealed a little more about his personal life and commented that he He does not record when he is with his son, this so that people no longer think that they do not want to be with him.

“He is the only person who got into my head and for him I do things the way I am doing them. I wanted someone, a child to see if he accompanies me on this path, ”he assured, making it clear that he is ready to make important changes for the good of little Luka.