The satellite image showing the damage of the drone attack on Russian planes at an airfield

(Twitter: ImageSat Intl./@ImageSatIntl)

A satellite photo from the Israeli company ImageSat Intl. showed the damage caused by one of the Ukrainian attacks on airbases inside Russia on Monday, an unprecedented action that threatened a further escalation of the war.

The images show considerable destruction at the air base of Dyagilevoin the region of ryazan, about 500 kilometers northeast of the border with Ukraine. the base houses tanker planes Long-range aircraft used to refuel bombers in the air.

In addition to the basis of Dyagilevoon Monday the base of Engelsin the Saratov region, located more than 600 kilometers east of the border with Ukraine and home to strategic nuclear-capable bombers Tu-95 Y Tu-160 who have been involved in launching attacks against Ukraine.

Detailing the attacks on the airbases, the Russian Defense Ministry said it had shot down two ukrainian drones. She said that three Russian soldiers died and four others were injured by the wreckage, and that two aircraft were lightly damaged.

Attacks against bases Dyagilevo Y Engels they were part of Ukraine’s efforts to reduce Russia’s long-range bomber force, according to the ministry.

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Explosions rocked two air bases in Russia on Monday

This Tuesday a fire broke out at an airport in the Kursk regionin southern Russia, which borders Ukraine, the regional governor said, blaming a drone strike.

“As a result of a drone strike, an oil depot caught fire in the Kursk airport area. The fire is being contained. All emergency services are working on the spot,” said the Kursk governor, Roman Starovain a Telegram post.

The attacks showed the vulnerability of some of Russia’s most strategic military locations, raising doubts about the effectiveness of its air defenses if drones could get that close to them.

The Ministry did not specify the origin of the drones, but Russian military bloggers noted that they were likely launched by Ukrainian scouts.

The unprecedented attack on Russia threatened a further escalation of the nine-month war because it hit an airfield that hosts bombers capable of carrying nuclear weapons. The Russian President Vladimir Putin He has threatened to use all available means to defend his territory, a comment many have taken to include nuclear weapons.

Mykhailo Podolyakan adviser to Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky, criticized the Russians for the drone attack on Engels, but declined to claim responsibility.

“If something is launched into the airspace of other countries, sooner or later the unknown flying objects will return to square one,” Podolyak tweeted.

On Monday, Russia responded to the Ukrainian attacks with a noNew massive missile attack across Ukrainealthough most of its rockets were shot down by Ukrainian air defense.

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