The scandal of the young man who claims to be José José’s son: he owes five million in pensions

Manuel José continues in legal problems


The legal mess between Manuel José and his ex-girlfriend, Adriana Arbeláez, continues

Manuel Joséwho became famous for insisting that he is the unrecognized son of José José, continues in a legal battle with Adriana Arbeláezwith whom he had a romantic relationship for just over a year.

The Mexican assures that the romance was between 2015 and 2016; However, the Colombian denies this version, ensuring that they only had one meeting, from which a baby. Thanks to one DNA testHE confirmed that the child is the son of Brayan Farnier Álvarez Rojasreal name of the imitator of “The Prince of Song”.

Last October 12, the ex-couple met in a government office in Mexico City (CDMX) and María de los Ángeles Margali, Adriana’s lawyer, told what happened:

“The judge has just dismissed all of Mr. Farnier’s evidence, who showed worthless documents. He has said that my client has 20 husbands. What happens is that he doesn’t want to pay for the birth or take care of the pension. He owes five million pesos retroactively, earns close to 400 thousand pesos free and has never paid for support for his son“, we tell you in the most recent edition of TVyNovelas.

Manuel José and José José

Manuel José insists on being José José’s son, while denying the paternity of a little boy

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“He claims to be José José’s son without any proof, and now it turns out that, having a positive test with the child, he claims not to be his father.”said Adriana Arbeláez, who looked hurt when leaving the meeting with her ex.

Manuel José commits another crime

In addition to not paying the expenses of his son, Manuel José incurs another crime. “According to BANXICO, based on Article 17 of the Monetary Law of the United Mexican States, the imitation or total or partial reproduction of metallic coins or coins is prohibited. tickets, national, on signs, cartoons, advertisements or in any other form, so the orders to be done by Manuel José “In favor of their cause they would be part of a crime,” we explained to you in the magazine, since their fans have 500 peso bills altered with their image.

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