The secrets behind the Sorority Gala: Pei Garza recognized outstanding celebrities

“We hope it won’t be the last,” the communicator Pei Garza told us, who was the presenter and creator of the first Loudness Gala that recognized talented women who inspire others to get ahead in their respective fields.

The announcer of Grupo Fórmula -where he has two programs, ¡Qué Pei! and Tendencies- commitment to entertainment with a cause, since “Our content always leaves something behind and that motivates us to continue looking for the best experts, content and giving the audience what they need”. So this time she decided to recognize an impressive list of outstanding women.

“We are one of the five programs most listened to by women in our country, and that means a great responsibility, and given the context of the whole issue of the fight for nonviolence, we wanted to hold this sorority gala for those women who are standing out in science, sports, gastronomy, plastic arts, finance, political entertainment… Who are powerful women and recognized for their tenacity, their fight”.

Pei Garza noted: “Today women continue to earn 30% less than men in the same position, the truth is that we felt this responsibility to take action. And to give this example of these women who inspire others, for us it was to make a compilation of women highlighted and recognize them”.

The announcer and his team decided to recognize several powerful women with a sculpture by the artist Olga Hernández (who was also recognized at this Gala), which is a unique piece of art that belongs to the Visiones collection, which was made especially for Sorority Gala. Each recognition is serialized and has its certificate of authenticity. “It seems incredible to me that we give this recognition that has significant dedication and effort, a collector’s item valued at more than 80,000 pesos,” he told us exclusively.

Pei Garza said that the process of looking for the award-winning women was quite difficult, since they were looking for “women who give that extra, to be outstanding within their industry, those who raise their voices to inspire others.”

List of awardees:

  • Julieta Fierro (astronomer)
  • Ana Martorell (chef)
  • Danielle Dithurbide (journalist, news anchor and international news director)
  • Saskia Niño de Rivera (activist)
  • Genoveva Martínez (television producer)
  • Talina Fernández (communicator)
  • Olga Hernández (plastic artist and author of the Sorority Gala medal)
  • Sandra Cuevas (Mayor of Cuauhtémoc)
  • Gabriela de la Garza (actress and activist)
  • Teresa Ruiz (actress)
  • Geraldine Bazan (actress)
  • Nadja Giuffrida (migrant leader)
  • Rocío Aguiar (president of the National Commission of young entrepreneurs in national Coparmex)
  • Lady Multitask (businesswomen)
  • Nuria Diosdado (artistic and Olympic swimmer)
  • Silke Lubzic (director and founder of Changing Models)
  • Sofía Ize Ludlow (director of the BBVA Bancomer Foundation, social responsibility, inclusion programs)
  • Mónica Noguera (host and television presenter)
  • Alejandra Bogue (actress, vedette, dancer and trans activist)

The latter is an icon of the LGBTQ+ community in Mexico, and including her on the list of winners inevitably confirms her inclusion within the gala. In this regard, Garza commented: “We have supported the issue of diversity and in support of women and the community, we wanted to give this example of Alejandra Bogue that he has broken paradigms, it is relevant to give him recognition because he encouraged many people to be who he is”.

During the award event, the cast of Mentiras, el concierto, offered a show at five different moments with the most emblematic songs of the 80s. Lupita, Daniela, Dulce and Yuri, personified by Lorena Marcela, Georgina Valdez, Paloma Cordero and Paola Gómez, respectively, transported attendees to an intimate atmosphere full of color, nostalgia, and fun.

“We have a gala for several more years because thank God many women continue to stand out, and we want to show people that dreams come true with effort, perseverance and discipline like being women”Garza advanced.

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