The sensual photo production of the model Naomi Preizler

Naomi preizler

After a decade of traveling the world and conquering the international catwalks and magazines, Naomi Preizler (25) returned to the country to explore new facets. Her drawings and her own portfolio line weren’t enough for her, and she launched herself as a solo singer.

She was also summoned as a jury for the Buenos Aires International Fashion Film Festival (Baifff), which took place at the beginning of April in the Auditorium of the Friends of the National Museum of Fine Arts Association. In an interview with the magazine El Planeta Urbano, spoke about his life, his passions and projects.

–How were you selected for the Fashion Film Festival?

–I was going to take my video but it did not arrive with the deadline and they just called me. I really like audiovisuals and I’m interested in video, since I come from drawing and what is manual. It amuses me to interact a little with technology. Now that I am working a lot with the computer, I love that discipline of fashion, it seems to me the most artistic because you have on the one hand the campaign, on the other the lookbook, the parade and now you can add the fashion film, where the objective is not is to sell, you do not have to lower anyone’s line.

– Did you get bored of modeling?

–It’s not that I got bored, I love it and I enjoyed working as a model because I really like fashion and also interpreting it, but it was a cycle, that’s why I decided to return. I wanted to start my own projects, more artistic and self-managed in which I was the one who decided and everything depended on how much I work. In the world of fashion it is not like that.

I like the artist label but I also know that it is a bit disfigured, as well as other professions, such as modeling.

“So you didn’t quit for good?”

–The truth is that I am not as active as before, it was a job that I gave everything to and now I want to give everything to other things, I am not so focused on modeling.

“What are those other things?”

–Everything has the same base and is related: design, drawing, modeling. They are different disciplines that express the same concept. I think that many artists look for different ways to make a work. The wallets are handmade and have to do with my work, with feminine paintings. And at the same time, everything has to do with fashion.

– Do you draw here, in the workshop?

Yes, I work here. I paint, draw, work on my works and recently I also started with music. My producer, who is Julián Aznar, has an aesthetic and artistic vision very similar to mine and we put everything together very well. That is why I also come here to do things related to music but on a visual level.

– How is that similar vision that you have?

–It is difficult to explain, it is an aesthetic. When our first single comes out you are going to see it and you are going to realize it.

I am not popular

– What is the name of the first single?

I’m a model. It seemed like a good theme to release this month along with the video, which we shot in September. The director is Marcos Medici. The idea was to show a little the perfect makeup of a model and gradually take it off in layers, try to get, starting with makeup, to show other things that have nothing to do with the beauty of the profession, show fatigue, dark circles and crying.

– How do you handle popularity?

– I am not popular.

“But you had a love that is.”

-That was difficult for me because at first I was not used to it and I began to appear in certain media with which I never had anything to do, but also, as he is quite reserved about his private life, it was not so serious. We would go out a lot and go to the movies or to eat and I know there are a lot of actors who don’t even think of doing half of it, luckily everything was very natural.

– Are you interested in acting?

–No, I don’t watch TV. Something similar happens with acting as with modeling: you go to a casting and you have to wait for the producer to like you so that they hire you. It is again being dependent on another person, and I like to decide myself.

– Do you like to be described as an artist?

–Yes, I don’t know (laughs). Everyone considers themselves something, no idea. I like the artist label but I also know that it is a bit disfigured, as are other professions, such as modeling.

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