The serious accident of a Premier League player against a nursery school that worried England

Kortney Hause, Aston Villa player, crashed his luxury car into a nursery (Photo: REUTERS) (RUI VIEIRA /)

A player of the Premier league was the protagonist of a car crash that generated terror in a nursery school. Kortney hause, player of the Aston Villa, crashed his luxurious Lamborghini urus V8 valued at $ 375,000 when I was on my way to the game corresponding to the Date 14 of the English league, where he faced his team, he faced the Manchester City at Villa Park.

Hause, teammate of the Argentines Draw Martinez and Emiliano Buendía, caused the terror of the parents of the institute The Wisdom Academy, an Islamic faith entity for boys and girls in Aston, Birmingham. Witnesses said it was “pure luck” not to kill anyone, as reported The Sun.

The defender of 26 years, who was on the substitute bench and had no minutes against the Citizens, was on his way to the stadium to play the match that finally ended with the defeat of the team led by Steven Gerrard by 2-1 when he crashed his car into a nursery. Pictures show your Lamborghini completely smashed in the front.

Kortney Hause accident
This is how the luxurious car of Kortney Hause, Aston Villa footballer, was left after crashing into a nursery.

Apparently the bad weather conditions they made him lose control and go off the road. Fortunately, there were no serious consequences to regret, but the father of one of the students witnessed the accident and revealed his concern: “It was amazing luck that no one was killed. Everyone is shaking because of what may have happened. When I saw the remains, I thought there must be corpses”, Assured a man named Sabbir Ahmed to The Sun.

“At another time of day, anyone could have died. My daughter and hundreds of kids stand on the corner in front of the gates before and after school“Said Ahmed, who arrived on the scene with his daughter only minutes after the event.

Kortney Hause accident
Hause slammed his $ 375,000 Lamborghini Urus V8 into the door of a nursery.

Another witness said that Kortney hause, which is not the first time that you have problems with your car, “He seemed to be a bit shocked”. Just a few months ago, specifically in May, Hause stopped by speeding when I was on my way to an event with the prince William in the new training ground of the Aston Villa. According to the British press, on that occasion he begged the officers to let him go in order to arrive in time to meet the future king of England.


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