The shocking details of the operation suffered by a Napoli star: “It’s as if his head had been under a press”

Victor Osimhen after being crushed by Skriniar (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo) (DANIELE MASCOLO /)

Napoli suffered a significant loss in the last loss to Inter in Milan: Victor osimhen suffered a strong blow with the Slovak Milan Skriniar and had to be replaced immediately. The medical part? Multiple splintered fractures on his face, especially on the left cheekbone. From the Neapolitan entity they made it known that it will be low during 3 months and his surgeon provided details of what was a shocking operation.

He had a score of fractures, it was as if his head had ended up under a press. It took three hours, we had to cut him in three places on his face. You have to study a special mask for your case ”, explained the Nigerian’s surgeon.

He added: “The injury was not a simple injury to the cheekbone, but it also affected several bones of the face. It was not a shock injury, but compression: the kinetic force generated by the crushing of Osimhen’s face against Skriniar’s did devastating damage. To heal the fractures I had to insert six plates and 18 screws”.

The Nigerian attacker will be out for 3 months and will miss the Africa Cup with his national team (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo)
The Nigerian attacker will be out for 3 months and will miss the Africa Cup with his national team (REUTERS / Daniele Mascolo) (DANIELE MASCOLO /)

His withdrawal will not only represent a setback for the Azzurri cast but also for the selected one of Nigeria, which will play the Africa Cup in January. “Victor has to be very careful because if there is a problem he has to go back to the operating room. Osimhen stayed at the clinic and the three months that we have reserved for ourselves are concrete, ”Tartaro insisted.

With 9 goals so far this season (including all competitions), Osimhen was one of the great figures in the team led by Luciano Spalletti. The African was acquired by the Neapolitans in a historical figure for the entity: 80 million euros, if the initial 50 million are taken into account, the 20 corresponding to the value added between four loaned footballers and an extra 10 million in variables.

“There is a nerve there, everything is very complicated. The social doctor from Naples, Dr. Canon is very good, he will help you in the best way. I can say that it is certainly not going to the Africa Cup. The eye has come out of its socket, we go with leaden feet. As a fan, I would like him to be on the field, but we have to wait for the correct technical times ”, concluded the surgeon, who was extremely cautious when referring to the timing of the rehabilitation of the 22-year-old footballer and his return to the courts.


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