The shocking photos of Israel’s Iron Dome in action during a terrorist attack

The shield has been in service for almost a decade (Gilad Kfir/Israeli Defense Minister)

He Israeli Ministry of Defense published photos of the interceptions of the iron dome on Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip. The shocking images were captured by photographer Gilad Kfir.

The shield has been in service for almost a decade and is part of the instruments that allow Israel to maintain military dominance over its neighbors. The main sources of threat to Israel come from Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists, but it is also on permanent alert from Iran’s long-range ballistic missiles.

Deployed over a decade ago, the system aroused skepticism about its effectiveness in advance. It then intercepted thousands of Palestinian rockets coming from the Gaza Strip, drawing tribute to its creator and changing the region’s military landscape.

Shocking photos of Israel's Iron Dome in action
One of the shocking images (Gilad Kfir/Israeli Defense Minister)

Right now Israel is in the fourth day of clashes with the Islamic Jihad terrorists. Egypt, the traditional mediator between the two sides, is working towards a truce as international calls multiply to end this escalation of rocket and missile fire, the most serious among armed movements in Gaza and Israel since August 2022.

The violence began on Tuesday with Israeli attacks on the Islamic Jihada Palestinian group considered a terrorist organization by Israel, the European Union and the United States.

Since the beginning of its operation, described as preventive, the Israeli army has attacked 254 Islamic Jihad targets, whether they are installations or members of the group.

In Israel, one person was killed Thursday in the city of Rehovot, south of Tel Aviv, by a rocket that hit an inhabited building, according to police. Since the first Palestinian rocket fires on Wednesday, rescue services reported five wounded in Israel by shrapnel.

Shocking photos of Israel's Iron Dome in action
Right now Israel is in the fourth day of fighting (Gilad Kfir/Israeli Defense Minister)

Friday’s day had begun with a relative calm, within the framework of mediation attempts with a view to a truce.

Mohammed Al Hindi, the head of Islamic Jihad’s political department, arrived in Cairo on Thursday and told the news agency AFP that he hoped to obtain “an honorable agreement that reflects the interests of our people and of the resistance.”

The armed wing of Islamic Jihad claimed to have attacked Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other Israeli cities, “in response to the killings and continued attacks against the Palestinian people.”

According to the army, they shot 973 rockets towards Israel, of which 296 were intercepted by the anti-aircraft defense system.

(With information from AFP)

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