The sides in Jenni Rivera’s family: stories of betrayal, forgiveness, love and hate

Jenni Rivera died in December 2012 in a tragic plane crash. At the singer’s funeral, her brother Lupillo she performed “I’ll miss you”, an unpublished song that Jenni’s fans and public found to be an emotional gesture.

However, within the family, that song signified the beginning of a long struggle of fights, reconciliations and accusations that today have the Rivera family fighting for the 300 million dollars worth of the inheritance of Jenni Rivera.

“I’ll miss you” he recorded it Lupillo rivera as a tribute to Jenni but with the promise that it would only be a gift for the singer’s children. The act of singing it publicly at the funeral was interpreted by Juan Rivera, Lupillo’s brother, not only as a betrayal of Jenni’s memory but also as a gesture of ambition. “He promised my nephews that that song would never come out, that he only recorded it for them,” Juan said, something that Lupillo has never denied.

  • The mother VS daughter fight

Months before dying, Jenni Rivera he had a fight with his daughter Chiquis Rivera placeholder image. Jenni took the reasons to the grave but they were so serious (friends say that Chiquis had a certain relationship with Esteban Loaiza, who was Jenni’s husband) that she made her change her will.

Chiquis was left out of the inheritance, which has caused a rift with his uncles Juan and Lupillo. Instead, the relationship with his siblings has been consolidated Jacqueline, Michael, Jenicka Y Juan Angel (known as Johnny, the youngest and who has been the most active in the current dispute over the audit)

  • Two generations in dispute

Rosie riveraJenni’s sister was left in charge of the estate as executor. Juan, also a brother, began working with her at Jenni Rivera Enterprise.

Jenni’s four children, heirs to the fortune, decided last year to request an audit of the company. Johnny, the youngest of the children, said that it was not an accusation, but an action to find out the financial status of the company, since they had never been informed, despite the fact that his mother’s will stipulated that each year should happen.

The family broke down. On the side of Rosie Y Juan, came to his defense Rosa Saavedra, the matriarch of the family, who said that her grandchildren were wrong that her children Juan and Rosie were unable to steal a dollar from Jenni.

On the other corner, Lupillo He appeared to support his nephews, saying that they had a right to claim what Jenni had left them. Incidentally, he relived his old quarrels with his brother Juan.