The Simon Wiesenthal Center called on the Mayor of London to stop Amnesty International’s “anti-Semitism” in the city

The poster that Amnesty International placed in the Israeli Embassy in London

The Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a letter to the mayor of London, Sadiq Khanto express your rejection of the actions of members of International Amnestywho placed a street signage sign outside the Israeli Embassy in the British capital, under the heading “Apartheid Avenue W8 – No Palestinians Allowed”.

The letter was sent by the director of the Center, Shimon Samuelswho assured that the initiative carried out by Kristian Benedictdirector of Amnesty International UK’s Crisis and Campaigns Division, aimed to foment hatred of Israel and thereby endanger British Jewry.

“This is proof that Amnesty is immersed in a deep abyss full of anti-Semitism”, states the letter.

“We are writing to you, Mr. Mayor, to offer you a possible antidotewhich has proven its usefulness from Paris to Buenos Aires: a street named after our mentor, Simon Wiesenthal, in an appropriate place in London, where he could take schoolchildren and tell them his story”, continues the Samuels tect.

“Mr. Mayor, we look forward to working with you in establishing a place for Simon Wiesenthal in London, where schoolchildren can be brought to learn about his story”, the director of the center concluded.

simon wiesenthal
A portrait of Simon Wiesenthal, head of the Austrian Jewish Documentation Center, holding a document. (Photo by Express/Express/Getty Images) (Express/)

Wiesenthal, known to have been a “nazi hunter”was also a human rights fighter.

Austria, where he resided after World War II, led him to join its delegation to the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations, as well as that of the Universal Declaration of Human Rightswritten by the French Jewish jurist René Cassin.

On that occasion, Wiesenthal focused on the genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda.


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