The smartphones and smartwatch that Google will announce at its October event

Google Pixel 7 (Google)

technology company, Googleis days away from officially launching its new generation of devices, which includes smartphones, smartwatches and tablets, during its next Google Pixel Event next October 6.

However, the rumors and leaks that have occurred in recent months can give an idea of ​​what users are fans of the products. Pixel can you wait for the event

The new Pixel 7 and 7 Pro

The best-known product of the Pixel family will have a new member in its family with the launch of smartphones Pixel 7 Y Pixel 7Pro, who will have slight improvements over previous models. The basic device will have an integrated horizontal aluminum bar on the back of the phone, where the double camera that you will have available.

For its part, the Pro version of the Pixel 7 will have three cameras distributed in the same space.

The camera It will not have many changes beyond its distribution, since both the front and rear cameras of the devices have similar specifications to those of the past model in their versions Pixel 6 Y Pixel 6Pro.

Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (Google)
Google Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro (Google)

In addition, according to information on the 9to5google website, new generation devices will also have screens similar to those of its previous version, although its resolution would be modified to benefit your energy saving mode drums just like phones do Samsung and others who use Android as operating system.

The same website indicates that the absence of more pronounced changes with respect to its 6 model could mean that Googlelike Manzanais following a pattern of tosses called “tick-tock”.

This means that the Pixel 7 represents a minor update (tick) and that its next model, an eventual Pixel 8, will have more pronounced modifications and a most marked difference (tac) regarding the model that will be released soon.

Launch of the new Pixel Smartwatch

For his part, the Pixel Smartwatch has positioned itself as one of the news most important for users and although it was already publicly announced, its official launch to the market, as well as more details about its specifications are the most anticipated of its presentation.

Pixel Smartwatch (Google)
Pixel Smartwatch (Google)

At the moment, it is known that these new Smart Watches They will have a circular screen with a touch crown and a side button. The strap can be changed by users to add one more level of personalization. In addition, they will have an improved operating system that will include other Google applications, such as Maps, Assistant, Wallet and Home.

Regarding the health information that it is able to offer to users, the Pixel SmartWatch can keep a record of the heart rate, time and quality of sleep and periods of time in activity. All this thanks to the integration of this device with Fitbit.

In addition to the presentations of the Pixel 7 smartphones and a smartwatch, Google would make a special presentation for its new pixel-tableta new chip G2 tensioner that will be present in the new cell phones of the company and that could present an increase of 20% in the capacities of its Graphic cardin addition to a 20% reduction in energy consumption.

Other launches could include new Nest devices for the home, such as a new router and a Google-connected doorbell that could be introduced to the public on October 6.


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