The Stars dance in Hoy: this was the kiss of Potro and Arantza

The reality show couples The Stars Dance Today they must constantly reinvent themselves in each presentation to obtain the highest possible rating, specifically, they seek to impress Lola courteous, that is, the Iron Judge, who constantly hurls acid criticism to the point of make participants cry.

In previous broadcasts, the dance team made up of Luis Potro Caballero and Arantza Ruiz had received criticism from Lolita courteous, the actress assured that they did not have a real connection, that they did not look at each other or smile. For its part, Andrea Legarreta and Latin Lover yes they had highlighted the complicity of this couple on the track.

This is why dancers they decided to choose a more sensual gender That would allow them to develop more interaction and then show that closeness when presenting their song.

The couple had received strong criticism for not being close (Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)

Potro and Arantza chose bachata, specifically the theme The role part 2 from Romeo Santos, This song represented a challenge for Ruiz, as he admitted that she prefers other types of genres more “hip-hoped” and It was difficult for him to adapt to the new movements.

Both acknowledged that they had not fully focused on their past engagements because they were fighting and throwing tantrums, attitudes that they already left in the past to give the best of themselves until the end of The Stars Dance Today.

The intensity of their dance this November 16 was notorious, as the contestants they didn’t stop looking at each other as they glided and they even joked about the possibility of kissing on the dance floor, an action that would later become reality.

(Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)
Although there was closeness throughout the dance, the kiss occurred until the presentation was over (Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)

In the capsules prior to his presentation, the former member of Acapulco shore He acknowledged that Arantza Ruiz attracted him, as he was nervous along with his colleagues when questioned about this issue.

For her part, her partner commented that she was aware of this and mentioned that “It is always tasty to have that kind of tension in a reality show”. In this way, the mentality of both was predisposed to achieve the long-awaited kiss. In addition, their entire presentation had several frictions between them, since they brought their necks and faces closer together as part of the choreography.

Although this intimate contact did not occur during the song, as soon as its presentation ended, Galilea Montijo asked “And the kiss?”, so Potro turned to his partner and kissed her on the lips for just a second, Arantza began to laugh and showed surprise, because he did not believe that it would really happen.

(Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)
Potro and Aratnza Ruiz (Photo: Instagram / @ programahoy)

The couple then approached the judges to receive their grades, where They obtained 24 points despite having shown greater contact on the track.

The fans of this reality show could also comment on it, since the account of Today wrote the following on Instagram “With sensuality and even a kiss in their presentation, they shone on the track of #LasEstrellasBailanEnHoy @arantzaruiz_ and @luis_acashore.”

Some of the messages that viewers left focused on showing their dissatisfaction, as they consider that they have received unfair ratings from the judges. It should be noted that the other couple who danced this day was the one made up of Mariazel and Yurem, both former members of The Dysfunctional Family on I fall down laughing.

“I DO NOT UNDERSTAND why they always rate them so badly when it is OBVIOUS that they dance much better than other couples” and “You have been super unfair with the grades, you guys do it amazing” and “I loved the kiss, I don’t know why Lolita insists on saying they did it wrong” were some of the messages left by fans in the Instagram post.


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