The Starship rocket took off successfully and ended up exploding

Starship managed to take flight to attempt its first orbital path to Earth. With its takeoff, it became the most powerful rocket in history, only to explode.

Officially took off Starship, the most powerful rocket in history that will try to take humanity to the Moon and Mars, for what is its first attempt at orbital flight.

Amid great hubbub from the so-called Starbase in Boca Chica, Texas, SpaceX (with Elon Musk coordinating) celebrated what is considered a litmus test for future attempts to colonize the universe.

Starship’s first orbital flight has been delayed for years. Even in this final stretch, the first attempt on Monday was suspended due to a frozen pressure valve.

For this Thursday the 20th, (4/20, a special date for Elon Musk), things would be calmer except for a small control 40 seconds after the start of the flight due to a pressurization of the tank.

With all the go-aheads, the count resumed and the historic moment began.

The most powerful in the world
The Starship system measures 120 meters in altitude and is made up of two parts: a thruster called Super Heavy and the Starship transport capsule.

The first has Raptor technology with 33 engines, while the second has 6. With 16.5 million pounds of thrust, Starship thus becomes the most powerful rocket in history to date in its first orbital flight, outperforming NASA’s SLS system.

However, upon reaching 39 kilometers of altitude, the rocket exploded after beginning to fall uncontrollably.