The strange message from Mauricio García’s answering machine, the author of the Texas shopping center massacre

Police operation for the shooting in Allen, Texas (Reuters) (JEREMY LOCK /)

Hello, I’m Mauricio. If it’s the phone company, I’ve already sent the money. If you are my parents please send money”, begins the message on the answering machine recorded by the man who murdered at least eight people in Allen.

Chain foxnews tried to contact a number that was registered under his name, Mauricio García. No one answered, but the message on the answering machine seems to confirm that he was still using it.

It continues with the same theme: “If you are my financial aid institution, you did not loan me enough money. If you are my friend, you owe me money”.

And to the women he dedicated a final line: “Don’t worry, I have a lot of money”.

As the investigation progresses, the intrigue grows about the motive that led García to perpetrate Saturday’s shooting in TexasUnited States, where the shock remains over a new massacre with firearms.

For the moment, federal authorities let it be known that the 33-year-old suspect, killed by police in the shooting, had expressed interest in supremacist and neo-Nazi positions.

In recent weeks, Garcia lived in a Dallas area hotelaccording to people familiar with the investigation.

Before that, he lived with his parents east of White Rock Lake, where he stayed until a few months ago, according to local residents. Law enforcement, including the FBI, surrounded the parents’ home Saturday night, closing part of the circulation. They stayed there until early Sunday morning.

The front entrance of a home connected to suspected mall gunman, Mauricio Garcia, is seen, Sunday, May 7, 2023, in Dallas.  The home was searched overnight by law enforcement officials related to the mall shooting in Allen, Texas.  (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)
A house raided by the authorities for the García investigation (AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez) (Tony Gutierrez/)

Federal agents have been reviewing social media accounts they believe Garcia used, and posts expressing interest in white supremacist views, said the official, who is not authorized to comment publicly on details of the investigation and spoke with the PA on condition of anonymity.

At the time of his death by police, Garcia was also wearing a chest patch with the letters “RWDS,” an acronym for the phrase “Right Wing Death Squad,” which is popular among far-right groups and white supremacists, the official said.

In addition to reviewing social media posts, federal agents have interviewed Garcia’s relatives and associates to ask about their ideological beliefs, the official added. Investigators are also looking at financial records, other online postings they believe belong to Garcia and other electronic media.

Authorities identified Garcia as the suspect in the killing of eight people at a Texas mall, but his motive remained a mystery Sunday, a day after the attack turned an afternoon of shopping into a massacre.

Several neighbors of the suspect contacted by the Washington Post They described the shooter as someone reserved and who didn’t seem to get into trouble. “He seemed distant, as if disconnected. But it wasn’t threateningsaid Kevin Todd, who lives down the street.

Neighbors on the well-kept, tree-lined street where the suspect lived with his parents said they never knew his name, but recognized him by the clothing he often wore, described as the uniform of a security guard or law enforcement officer. .

A next-door neighbor, who only wanted to give her first name, Julie, had a different description of the suspect. “We called him ‘Honky’ because he would always honk and wave at us.Julie said.

The shooting was the latest to contribute to the unprecedented rate of massacres so far this year in the United States. Just a week ago, five people were shot to death in Cleveland, Texas, after a neighbor asked a man to stop shooting in his yard because they were trying to put a baby to sleep, authorities said.

The attack occurred at the Allen Premium Outlets, a huge outdoor mall. Witnesses reported that the victims included children. Some said they saw what appeared to be a police officer and a mall security guard lying unconscious on the ground.

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