The strange “monster” fish that was found on the beaches of San Diego

(Photo: Jay Beiler)

A man’s walk along a beach in San Diego, California, in the southwestern United States, went from being a simple walk to a scene worthy of a fictional movie when a type of fish quite out of the ordinary that even now is best known for appearing in animated films such as “Finding Nemo”.

Jay beiler is the resident who last Saturday was walking to Black’s Beach, below the Glider Port in Torrey Pines, an emblematic place in the area. Then he told local media that around 5 in the afternoon he came across the rare aquatic specimen. “I’ve never seen anything like this before,” Beiler said, according to the NBC report, “you know, I go to the beach quite often, so I’m familiar with the territory, but I’ve never seen an organism that looked as scary as this one.” .

The witness also pointed out that at first he thought it was a jellyfish or some similar animal. But it was immediately that he saw with more attention, along with more curious people, that he realized that it was a rather unusual fish. “It’s a thing of nightmares, the mouth almost looked bloody!”, He pointed out surprised, “I’d say it’s almost a foot long.”

It was then that Beiler decided to take three pictures of the strange fish and continued on his way. Days later he sent the images to NBC 7 San Diego, in which you can see the fish with a mouth full of sharp teeth that look shiny, resembling knives, while on the forehead it shows a projectile type of light and abundant bristling spikes. the sides.

This medium in turn sent the images to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, to learn more about the rare living being. “This is one of the largest species of monkfish, and it’s only been seen a few times here in California, but it is found throughout the Pacific Ocean,” Ben Frable, the manager of the marine vertebrate collection at that time, explained to NBC. institution.

san diego fish
(Photo: Jay Beiler)

Thus, the discovery of Beiler was about a Pacific balloon fish, a type of deep-sea monkfish, quite famous in the animated film “Finding Nemo”, that character that had a bioluminescent light on the top of its head which acts as a decoy.

Although it’s hard to guess how big the fish is from Beiler’s photographs, Scripps compared it to another one he has in his collection, which was found at Dog Beach in Del Mar in December 2001, according to Frable from his laboratory, in which he was surrounded by specimen flasks and other scientific debris.

san diego fish
(Photo: Jay Beiler)

The fish the scientist showed appeared to be about 18 inches long and a foot from top to bottom. And together with the one found by Beiler, they are the only specimens of its kind found at least 20 years ago in that locality. Frable said that in his opinion, the most recent one is smaller than his, although it is a mature female fish, a conclusion that the ichthyologist reached thanks to characteristics such as the lure, since females have it up to 60 times more larger than their male counterparts, who do not have crooked teeth.

Meanwhile, the specialist insisted that the Beiler find is simply rare. “The Pacific football fish is known from 30 specimens that have been collected and taken to museums around the Pacific Ocean,” the Scripps scientist told NBC. “They have been found in Japan, even New Zealand, everywhere, and many times, they have been found washed up on the beaches, so it is not known with certainty what causes them to wash.”


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