The strict measure established by the Manchester United coach that worries Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo was always very strict with the care of his body (Reuters) (IAN WALTON /)

Erik Ten Hag started off on the right foot on his way to return to the Man Utd at the top of European football. With the arrival of the Dutch coach, the Red Devils they had three wins in the first three pre-season games (Liverpool, Melbourne Victory and Crystal Palace).

However, the former Ajax manager not only plans to overhaul technical and tactical issues on the pitch but also off it, which could mean a headache for Cristiano Ronaldoin the event that it finally continues in the English entity.

According to the British press, Ten Hag would have already made the new rules official that will govern for the entire campus and one of them would hit the Portuguese star squarely.

Cristiano Ronaldo diet
Cristiano Ronaldo had a personal chef (chef_barone)

Cristiano Ronaldo was always characterized by the intensive care of your body, which at 37 years old continues to perform in the best way. For this, in Italy, the Portuguese had a personal chef who was in charge of preparing the food corresponding to each day and even, after his arrival in Manchester, he convinced the kitchen managers to add some dishes to the club’s menu.

Now, however, that option of having a personal chef and eating what the player sees fit for his physique would be totally ruled out after one of the new rules is that players will be required to eat meals prepared by United’s chefs.

It should be noted that the Portuguese star maintains a strict six meals a day diet in which fish, chicken, beef, eggs, avocado, coconut oil and black rice predominate, in addition to the traditional Portuguese stew, “Bacalhau”.

Ten Hag accumulates three consecutive victories in the preseason (Reuters)
Ten Hag accumulates three consecutive victories in the preseason (Reuters) (TEMPLATE /)

Other rules were added to it, such as the ban on players drinking alcohol during match weeks. At the same time, The Telegraph explained that fines and penalties will apply football players or staff members who are late for a meeting, meal or training .

Mealtime is where the technician put more emphasis to the point of restrict the use of cell phones at the table. At the same time, Ten Hag also remarked that there will be regular BMI checks (measurement of body mass) to achieve the best physical shape of the campus, as detailed TheSun.

Lastly, the Dutch coach told his players that if they had any complaints communicate directly with him or his staff, with the aim of generating honesty and unity within the locker room.

“I think we miss that discipline. For me, discipline is not only on the field but also outside. I think it’s very important and it’s really good that he (Ten Hag) is doing this. I will not have problems with that”, acknowledged the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes about the rules in question.


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