The strong reason why Alfredo Adame could use a GPS bracelet

Alfredo Adame’s attacks have been widely disseminated on social networks.

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Alfredo Adame and Gustavo Adolfo Infante dominated the trends on social networks a few days ago after a court ratify the actor’s connection to the processaccused of alleged media, gender violence and extortion against the journalist’s mother.

About this scandal, Gustavo Adolfo Infante has been clear when assuring that he is not only seeking an apology, but justice: “My mother is an elderly woman, 86 years old, and, of course, I am not going to allow it and I am sure that the authorities are not going to allow it either,” declared Infante.

This thorny case continues its course, and in a recent statement Alonso Beceiro, Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s lawyer, went further and even revealed that Alfredo Adame could be subject to special security measures due to a strong reason. This is what the professional declared.


Alfredo Adame He could carry a GPS device or bracelet because his alleged victims consider him a violent person, according to lawyer Alonso Beceiro:

“Yes, you could end up with some type of deprivation, perhaps not of freedom, but of measurement, of a bracelet or some type of measurement”

“(Adame) yes you could have some type of deprivationmaybe not of freedom, but of measure, of a bracelet or some type of measure, especially to guarantee that he cannot return or never get close to any mother or ever a victim because “He is a person who is prone to causing harm.”assured Beceiro.

This was evident in many videos that went viral on social networks where Alfredo Adame is seen starring various street fights and insulting people, and although it seems that the actor has decided to calm his impulses a little, this was not enough.


The problem between Gustavo Adolfo Infante and Alfredo Adame arose after the actor ranted against Infante and his mother during an interview for “El gordo y la flaca.”

The mother was a black witch, the mother gave them peyote and gave them mushrooms in a pigsty where they livedand where the sister gave you the black egg and what the others were on their trip, this scoundrel took money out of their wallet and all that stuff, and I have someone to tell it,” was what Alfredo Adame said that made him so angry to Infant.

So far, authorities have ordered Alfredo Adame, as a precautionary measure, Do not approach Gustavo Adolfo Infante’s mother or talk about her in public.