The surprising statement by Susana Zabaleta that would confirm her romance with Ricardo Pérez from ‘La Cotorrisa’

Susana Zabaleta spoke for the first time about her romance with Ricardo Pérez, known for ‘La Cotorriza’.

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Susana Zabaleta and Ricardo Pérez have revealed everything about their relationship.

After several months of rumors and speculation, finally, Susana Zabaleta and Ricardo Pérez, host of ‘La Cotorriza’, would have confirmed their love relationship after their participation in a project together. Apparently, their crush occurred while they met and lived together in the recordings.

The couple met on the ‘Divina Comida’ show, which is broadcast on HBO Max and where Great stars such as Dulce María, Belinda and Itati Cantoral have participated. During the program, where they must organize food parties with other famous friends, both were happy and had good chemistry. Now, this has been transferred to real life.

This is how Susana Zabaleta would confirm her romance with Ricardo Pérez

Susana Zabaleta and Ricardo Pérez finally met at ‘La Cotorrisa’ to chat about their experiencesbut the talk turned to their relationship since they met on the reality show.

The ‘Sex, modesty and tears’ actress was the first to explain how the comedian did not answer her messages and took too long, until she asked him out. The first date was to a wedding where Zabaleta’s relatives also attended.

“Everything was romantic, me next to him, pretend like when I was married. The father, the mother, the children… if we were singing, in fact, the rainbow came out,” she said.

He explained that they even slept in the same room, where his son, Matías, was delighted to live with his idol.

But that wasn’t the only time they went out. Susana confirmed there are already several appointmentsand in one of them, he even admitted that he looked gorgeous.

“Now that he’s going to let his hair be long, I do like it, even though his tattoos are prisoner tattoos. Once we went to a party and he arrived very well dressed, he looked very good,” he confessed.

This has been enough for many fans to confirm the relationship between the celebrities.

It should be noted that, in November, during the red carpet of ‘Divina Comida’, the media questioned them about whether or not they had an affair, something they denied.

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