The sweet privilege of being mothers: Victoria Ruffo, Erika Buenfil and more testimonials from celebrities

Facing difficulties during her pregnancy made some of these celebrities value the miracle of motherhood from another perspective

Motherhood changes the life of any woman; experiencing the miracle of creating life is a process full of love. Several celebrities recently debuted as moms, and others have been enjoying the experience for several years.

On the occasion of Mother’s Day, we collected the testimonies of what it means for them to be mothers, and also what their children represent for them.


The Queen of Telenovelas has three children: José Eduardo, Victoria and Anuar: “After José Eduardo, I couldn’t imagine having more; our relationship was different, because it was just him and me. Later, God rewarded me with two more children. I love all three of them the same, and I am proud of them. José Eduardo is starting a solid career, I am his fan! Victoria and Anuar are still studying. I am very happy and blessed. They are my three angels.”

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The Bride of America has two children: José Manuel, 20, and Lucerito, 17, whom she supports in their studies; he does it in Berkley, and she in Massachusetts. “They have given me the happiest moments of my life; They have been a blessing, a pride. I will always support you in the path you decide to take. Having them made me value everything my parents did for me.”


Daughter of Amanda Miguel and Diego Verdaguer, the singer gave birth to Lucca in November, after a 38-hour labor: “My love for my mother increased with my pregnancy. I give thanks for the life of this little boy who has filled us every day with happiness; It is the greatest love I know. I know it’s very trite to say it, but it’s the shortest way to do it. I can’t stop looking at it and being amazed at the miracle of life. It’s an incredible and constant responsibility, but wow! What greater satisfaction it causes to feel so much love. Also, I am also thankful that my dad got to know him.”

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4. Chantal Andere

Daughter of another famous (Jacqueline Andere), the actress and her husband, Enrique Rivero Lake, decided to have only one child because of how complicated the world is. They finally had two: Natalia, 13, and Sebastián, seven; among them, they lost two babies: “We asked the Virgin of Guadalupe for Sebastián to arrive safely, and we were blessed. Until one has children, she realizes the great love that one human being can feel for another; that of a mother is on another level, and what one is capable of doing for them is unimaginable”.

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The actress broke with the established mother models and formed a single-parent family when André was born on May 30, 2020. “Motherhood is the best thing that can happen to a woman who chooses to be a mother; there are some whose dream is focused on something else, but for me, the greatest dream was being a mother, it has been the best thing that has ever happened to me; I never tire of thanking God, life and my son for being able to accompany him, guide his steps and be the mother of a wonderful human being”.

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Life gave her the opportunity to enjoy motherhood at the age of 40; she did it alone, without a job, and the father of her son, Ernesto Zedillo, got married when she was eight months pregnant. “I had to be a father and a mother, but Nicolás de Jesús has been a great blessing in my life. At first I felt a lot of fear, which disappeared as he has grown. My love for my son is immense. I have focused on my work and on making him a strong, independent, happy and responsible man. I am energetic and swim boat with him”.

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She is one of the most important influencers in Latin America and she fathered Mar with the singer Siddhartha. The baby was born on September 29, 2021. Mariand Castrejón Castañeda, real name of the youtuber, has said: “It has been a very loving process. I got very worried, I studied a lot on the subject, I took several courses before her birth, but I forgot everything. My son is a very well behaved boy, although he has his character. Being a mom is very exhausting and very rewarding. It changed my life, I don’t have so much time for my work anymore. Now I have other obligations, needs and even functions”.

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The actress is the mother of three young men: the twins Roberto Miguel and José Eduardo, the fruit of her marriage to Eduardo Santamarina, and María Itatí, procreated by Carlos Alberto Cruz. After the birth of the first ones, she thought that she would never be a mother again, because she only has one ovary: “I always assumed the responsibility that being a mother implies; I ask my children to take care of the spiritual part of it, to develop it. I am a woman with many flaws who seeks to improve every day as a human being and as a mother. Every day I want them to know how much I love them and I always try to be close to them, to what they do, to what they need”.

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With her husband, Bernardo Martínez, the actress and host gave birth to Santiago and María José. He is 14 years old and has autism. “I felt relief knowing what he had, but also anguish for not knowing how to treat him and I went into depression; I did not understand why, if my husband and I are healthy, this was happening. Despite this, my son is pure love, the same as my María José,” says Luz Elena, who in 2019 created the Una luz para Santiago foundation. “I am worried about his future; It has not been easy, but I want to leave him something for when I am no longer here, a place where he can develop, be happy, not be bullied, not feel alone or abused, because he will be an adult and continue to think like a child” .