The teacher Canuta reappears and asks for work for elderly actors

The actress who won the affection of the public with her role in ‘Zero in conduct’ made a request to help various actors.

In the early 2000’s, on mexican television The comedy show became very popular Zero in Conduct where several actors interpreted that they went to school, In addition, the teachers were also there, among them the teacher Canuta.

The strict teacher Canuta was played by actress Martha Ofelia Galindo, who recently appeared in a tribute to Eric del Castillo. At 94 years old, the famous she spoke with The MariaNotes and asked for help for the older actors.

At the interview, the teacher Canuta said that she would like older actors to be taken into account and thus hire them in some projects.

“I would like a company of older actors to be formed, who would consider our valuable contribution to acting work because Mexico seems to be the only country where older actors are not valued.”

The actress pointed out that it is unacceptable that older actors are not given work, who are the ones with the most experience.

“This is completely unacceptable, since it is precisely the veteran actors who have vast experience that could be used.”

Finally, Martha Ofelia regretted that the industry does not take into account the talent of older actors.

“It is unfortunate that the industry does not recognize or take advantage of the talent and experience of veteran actors like us, who could meaningfully work together.”

In the comments on the video, many people remembered the work that the actress did as the teacher Canuta and joined her call for her and other older actors to hire them.

In addition, the actress’s message it also made people reflect on the few job opportunities that any elderly person has.

“And not only the actors, also the common people already grown up do not have the opportunity to work”, “A great actress”, “It is an honor to have this lady as the great actress that she is”, “The legendary and beautiful teacher Canuta ”.