The Technological Advances The Simpsons Predicted

VR viewers (Photo: Screenshot)

The Simpsons on countless occasions they have predictions of events such as the attack on the Twin Towers or that Donald Trump would be president of the United States; in the same way predicted technological devices such as Virtual Reality viewers (VR).

In just a few decades, technology has taken giant steps, making the way we communicate and entertain ourselves completely different from that of just 20 years ago. But nevertheless, the yellow family was able to figure out what some of those changes would be.

virtual reality glasses

In the episode of Lisa’s Wedding where a futuristic world is presented, Bart appears in Moe’s tavern playing virtual billiards while wearing goggles and gloves like those currently sold for VR.

In the scene another subject appears who manages to “hit” Bart, starting a painful fight; the only mistake would be that VR experiences stay there and are not felt in real life.

(Photo: Screenshot)

VR headsets also appear in the chapter where bart goes to the futurebelonging to season 9. Marge and Homer use them to have a virtual meal..

baby translator

in the episode Brother, can you lend me two coins? Homer’s brother, Herbet Powell, invents the baby translator which is tested on Magie to identify what she wants to express through crying.

The chapter was released in 1992, and in 2009 the Biloop company developed an application that interprets the crying of the baby which is based on a large database. Currently there are several similar applications that help parents to recognize the needs of their children.

(Photo: Screenshot)

GoPro cameras

During episode 13 of season 5, Homer gets a hat with a camera to break into Apu’s Kwik-E-Mart store and spy on him while a van from the Kent Brockman show waits for him outside.

Although the device Homer uses is a regular-sized camera inside a huge hat and gopros are smallit was there where this concept was seen.

(Photo: Screenshot)

video calls

Also in the futuristic episode of Lisa’s wedding premiered in 1995 another technological advance appeared that today is normal and everyday: the video calls.

When Lisa looks for Marge to tell her that she got engaged, she uses a device similar to the telephones of the 90s, with a wheel to dial numbers, which includes a screen. Although the device is not physically close to the ones we use to make video calls, its purpose is the same.

(Photo: Screenshot)

Mobile phone auto correct

In 1994 season 6 was launched, where in advance auto correcters predicted of mobile devices.

In episode 8, Martin celebrates that Principal Skinner left an extra assignment, however, one of the school bullies tells Dolph that make a note on your Apple Newton device to remind you to hit Martin next.

By writing on the screen with your special pen “Beat up Martin”which means “Hit Martin”, the autocorrect says: “Eat up Martha”that is to say “Eat Martha”.

(Photo: Screenshot)

3D printed food

In the chapter Future-Drama the concept of 3d print food by taking a picture of Bart and Lisa in a 3-dimensional cake. Currently 3D printers have been around for several years and food for space missions is being developed.


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