The Temach ‘baptizes’ his followers and unleashes controversy: this is how he responded to his critics

The Temach placed some plates on the necks of his followers.


Temach, a controversial influencer who has been accused of promoting misogynistic speeches, became a trend after starring in a curious ritual with his followers.

In the photos and videos of the controversial moment, widely spread on social networks, you can see how the content creator places some of his followers a plate on the neck, which would be part of a supposed “baptism” or “initiation.”

The event occurred in November 2023; However, it was not until now that the images, allegedly captured in a park in Mexico City, had an echo on platforms like X and TikTok.

During the event, which was reportedly attended by young people between the ages of 15 and 23, El Temach gave a speech to dozens of followers who were seen shirtless and even with blood on their bodies.


This controversial initiation ritual generated all kinds of criticism for the Temachwho has already been “in the eye of the hurricane” before due to his allegedly sexist speeches.

In the midst of the Luis Castilleja scandal, the influencer’s real name, reappeared in X (formerly Twitter) for respond to some of the comments from Internet users.

Among some of Temach’s response tweets, the following stand out: “Daddy, I was making content before that bastard…, study him before you speak,” “Another ‘feminist witch’, and the meme is me”, “Why will it scare you so much to see a group of men playing sports and discussing their problems?” and ““I can’t even find you but your fantasies are very twisted”.


Luis Castillejo, known as El Temach on social networks, is a content creator specialized in TikTok and YouTube in whose videos he gives advice to men who have been “hurt” by women; Because of this, she has faced accusations of machismo and misogyny.

In addition to being a popular influencer who has a large group of followers who support him, The Temach He has acted as a secondary character in series such as The Lord of the heavens and Fake identity.