The Temach revealed videos that would demonstrate Akasha’s attacks against Alemán

Alemán and his ex-partner, Akasha, have been in the eye of the hurricane.


The scandal between German and his ex-girlfriend, Akasha, continues giving something to talk about. After the rapper announced that he filed a lawsuit against his ex for alleged extortionmany mixed comments and even theories began to emerge on social networks.

Likewise, users began to show which side they are on, as some say they believe German and others to Akashahowever, Luis Castillejaknown as ‘The Temach’revealed some videos in which, allegedly, Akasha attacks Alemán.

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‘El Temach’ spreads videos of alleged aggression by Akasha against Alemán

After all the controversy about the ex-partnerthe influencer, known for his advice, came out in defense of the rapper and revealed videos showing Akasha quite upset with the rapper.

“Give me enough money so I can go and rent something, I don’t want to go to my mother’s house to live there… I want to get out of here, I don’t want to be with you anymore,” Akasha yells at Alemán.


Akasha posted some disturbing photos on her Instagram stories.


Meanwhile, the Mexican tries to reassure the influencer: “You don’t have to be making this movie, calm down, as if something very serious was happening,” he tells her, to which she responds: “Fuck you, I’ll fuck you.” I’m going to break all your screens before I leave, you fucking asshole.”.

In that video you can see Akasha upset and begins to throw everything in his path. It is said that where this arose was Alemán’s house.

The video caused outrage among many users and they began to defend German, phrases like: “I believe you, Alemán” and “I am with Alemán”, can be appreciated. However, other Internet users they support Akasha.

The publication made by the influencer has thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments. “But when they are the violent ones it doesn’t go viral,” wrote ‘The Temach’ attached to the recording.

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