The theory of an expert in Russia about the attack in which the daughter of “Putin’s brain” died

Investigators work at the site of the explosion, outside Moscow (Reuters) (INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE OF RUSSI/)

A few days after the death of Daria Dugina, daughter of the political scientist known as “Vladimir Putin’s brain”, Alexander Dugin, there are still no clear clues about the organization of the attack, so theories persist about the alleged authorship of the explosion of the Saturday.

The well-known ideologue was going to travel in the vehicle, but at the last minute he decided to travel in another car and it was his daughter who was finally at the wheel when the attack occurred.

Anders Aslund, a Swedish economist and Russia expert, claimed on Twitter that the Kremlin was behind the attack, directly naming the Russian president.

It seems most likely that Putin killed Daria Dugina. has that habit”, wrote Aslund, author of the book “Russia’s Crony Capitalism”.

Dugin was supposed to be in the car. Why would Ukraine waste resources on such a target?“, he asked himself.

Vladimir Putin named as the perpetrator of the attack
Vladimir Putin, identified as the author of the attack (REUTERS TV /)

And I add: “Given Putin’s penchant for false flag operations, he most likely had Dugin blown up, making it look like it was made by the Ukrainians, while Dugin’s daughter was blown up instead.”. Under this theory, in which the operation would not have achieved its true objective, he warned that new attacks would come: “There are likely to be more such murders”.

This Monday the accusation of the Federal Security Service was known, but intelligence sources had already pointed against Ukraine since the weekend, so Aslund added: “(So) we can be quite sure that it was carried out by the special services Russians. These people avoid the truth like the devil’s holy water.”

The FSB accused the Ukrainian “special services” of having killed Dugina, pointing to a Ukrainian citizen identified as Natalia Vovk, 43.

The agency (former KGB) claims that Vovk arrived in Russia on July 23 together with her 12-year-old daughter, Sofia, and rented an apartment in the same apartment building, the same one in which Dugina lived.

After committing the crime, the perpetrator “went to Estonia through the Pskov region,” the FSB said.

However, the agency did not release any images of the woman or the car that was allegedly followed.

Daria Dugina
Alexander Dugin and Daria Dugina

According to the Russian security services, Vovk arrived in the country in a car with the license plate of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic, moved around Moscow with a Kazakh license plate and left Russia, using a Ukrainian license plate.

“The day of the murder Vovk and Sofia were at the literary-musical festival ‘Tradition’ to which Dugina attended as guest of honor”, they point out.

The journalist and political analyst died after the event, which she attended with her father.

The Ukrainian Presidency previously denied any connection to the attack. In turn, a former Russian deputy assured that partisans from his country were behind the attack, in the midst of an internal struggle for power.

The detonation was due to an explosive device placed under the vehicle, investigators said. The Investigative Committee, in charge of criminal investigations in Russia, opened an investigation for “homicide”.

Dugin, Putin's ideologue (via Reuters)
Dugin, Putin’s ideologue (via Reuters) (MOSCOW NEWS AGENCY/)

Alexander Dugin, an ultranationalist intellectual and writer, theorist of neo-Eurasianism, an alliance between Europe and Asia led by Russia, has been subject to European Union sanctions since 2014, after the Russian annexation of Crimea. In recent years Ukraine banned several of his books, in particular “Ukraine. my war Geopolitical Diary” and “Eurasian Revenge of Russia”.

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