The Toucans of Tijuana were fined almost a million pesos in Chihuahua

After the Tucanes of Tijuana appeared in Chihuahua last Thursday, October 5, and sang “narcocorridos”, of which the majority made excuses for crime, the state government announced that the group was fined.

The Municipal Government of Chihuahua, through the Subdirectorate of the Interior, reported that it drew up a report for a total of 8,881 UMAS (Unit of Measurement and Update), that is, for approximately 900 thousand Mexican pesos.

In the statement from the Chihuahua authorities, it was detailed that in the presentation of the Toucans of TIjuana, held within the framework of the fair in the municipality of Chihuahua, more than 40 percent of their songs made some type of reference or showed apologetic content of the drug trafficking.

The bulletin also detailed that the money obtained from the fine will be allocated as compensation to the Municipal DIF “for the benefit of the social fabric of Chihuahua.”

However, the authorities emphasized that they did not find songs that promoted violence against women as well as their denigration, discrimination, marginalization or exclusion.

One of the most controversial songs that the Tucanes de Tijuana played during the concert was “Fiesta en la Sierra”, dedicated to Sandra Ávila Beltrán, known as “The Queen of the Pacific”.

The authorities explained that the financial penalty was derived from the violation of articles 208 and 209 of the Entertainment and Entertainment Regulations for the Municipality of Chihuahua, which prohibit the reproduction of “narcocorridos.”

“The fine that will be imposed as a sanction for violation of the provisions contained in articles 208 sections I and VII, and 209 section I, which relate exclusively to the interpretation or reproduction of musical content, videos, images or any other similar content that they make apology of the crime or of the authors of illegal acts, will be equivalent to 1,500 to five thousand times the minimum wage,” the Regulation specifies.