The tragedies of Locomía: apart from Francesc Picas, what other members of the band have died?

Locomía managed to impose itself on the music scene with its infectious electro-pop style.


Locomía emerged at the end of the 80’s, and the Spanish electro-pop group immediately had great success; However, tragedy has also been present in the band.

Talking about Locomía is also talking about a series of changes that it has had the original lineup through the years. The modifications occurred since the release of their first album; However, the nostalgic will surely remember to the four original members: Xavier Font, Luis Font, Gard Passchier and Manuel Arjona.

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The version of Locomía that we knew here in Mexico came with some differences, because after the release of the album Taiyoin 1989, Luis Font and Gard Passchier left, being replaced by Carlos Armas and Juan Antonio Fuentes. Shortly after, too Xavier Font left and Francesc Picas took his place.

The recent death of Francesc Picaswhich occurred on November 21, put Locomía as the main topic on social networks, and hits like Party Time, Rumba Samba Mambo, Paper Dreams and Gorbachev They were played again on different streaming platforms; however, Francesc is not the only member of the group who has died. Meet other members of the band who have already passed away.


It was throughout the 90’s that Locomy enjoyed great success in Mexico, especially for his appearances on the popular program always on sunday; However, not everything has been smooth sailing for the band, and in addition to their changes in the lineup, three of its former members have already died: Santos Blanco, Frank Romero and Francesc Picas.

Santos Blanco died on June 15, 2018 at the age of 46. due to natural causes, according to what was announced by the Spanish company Tarré Management. Shortly after, Locomía’s official Facebook account confirmed the news.

Just a month later; it meansOn July 15, 2018, another former member of Locomía also left: Frank Romerobecause a bacteria had infected his body, according to what was stated by his manager.

It was until this November 21, 2023 that the name Locomía became a trend again on social networks due to the death of Francesc Picas. So far, it is unknown the causes of death of the artist.