The transformation of Emilio Osorio, from a child actor to a sex symbol

To the fans it is urgent that Emilio Osorio Marcos grow up. Today is his 19th birthday but his followers celebrate it with the phrase “Before 20 Emilio”, as a wish that the actor do well in his next year.

As his 20th birthday arrives, we show you how he has changed since he was a child actor until now that he has become a sex symbol with the photographs that he usually shares on his social networks.

The race of Emilio He began with the soap operas ‘Mi corazón es tuyo’ and ‘Porque el corazón manda’, in which he played Quico, a tender and loving boy who had a lot of talent to play the piano. After those soap operas, he appeared in unitary programs, especially in ‘Como dice el dice’.

Emilio’s popularity exploded with the Aristemos, the homosexual couple who stole the screen in the soap opera ‘Together, love is never wrong’. Emilio and Joaquin Bondoni they played Aristóteles and Cuauhtémoc, two young people who decide to love each other without fear of prejudice. Actually the couple had emerged in a previous soap opera, `My husband has more family ‘but the impact it had caused that another story was created to tell the lives of these characters.

With the impulse of soap operas, Emilio fulfilled another dream: to develop as a singer. In 2019 he published an album in which he begins to outline his own personality, less adolescent and more youthful. The album, simply called ‘Emilio’, achieved certification as a Gold Record for 30 thousand copies sold.

The actual Emilio Osorio Marcos Has long hair. His fans consider that his image is now inspired by an angel. With his girlfriend Karol Sevilla, Emilio prepares a new stage as a singer and also as an actor.