The transformation of Humberto Zurita: from a youth star to an eternal heartthrob

Humberto Zurita has always been a heartthrob, not only in his last series. Throughout his 40-year career, the actor has maintained his charm, just look at the photographs from when he was very young, or the latest images that he shares on his social networks.

The father of Sebastián and Emiliano Zurita has narrated on a couple of occasions that before dedicating himself to acting he was about to become a priest. For several years he was in a seminary until he found his true calling: acting.

Humberto Zurita established himself as one of the great leading men of Mexican television, theater and cinema. In 1980, he met Christian Bach, in the soap opera Soledad produced by Valentín Pimstein, years later he became her wife and shared 36 years of marriage with her.

“And there we started as a friendship, but she always made me beautiful. We became great friends. Then we did two or three plays together. I think that from that friendship a different affection began to be born, it was transformed, ”she said in an interview.

In the 90s, he starred in iconic soap operas, including Torch On, Will We Ever Have Wings and Caprico, the latter alongside Victoria Rufo.

Together with his wife, he founded a production company, with which he was in charge of theater projects and soap operas such as Azul Tequila, El Candidato, La calle de las novias, he also directed films such as Jazabel and Impatience of the Heart.

Among Humberto Zurita’s latest projects, the series The Queen of the South, Living at the wrong time, La querida del centauro and The gallant. The TV changed, he did not, next to Ana Claudia Talancón, where he looks like a decadent heartthrob.

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