The transformation of Lucerito Mijares: from a girl with rowdy Chinese to the true Owner

Lucerito Mijares’ sense of humor has conquered his followers on social networks.

“Could you give me tips to wake up dressed? I would appreciate it! ”, Wrote the daughter of the singers Lucero and Manuel Mijares when publishing a photo of her when she was a child, in which she appears next to her huge dog. The characteristic curls of her hair make her look touching and the comments of her fans prove it: “Your smile is enough”, writes one of them.

Lucerito Mijares has become a promise of music a year ago, when he began to make public appearances showing the talent they have for singing, with a voice that mixes the power he inherited from his father and Lucero’s tessitura.

At the same time, the young woman shares more and more memories of her childhood with photographs in which she almost always appears in funny attitudes.

Despite the fact that he has shown his talent for singing and that he has already had some musical collaborations in duets with his parents and even a special performance in the play La Cage de las Locas, for now the life of Lucerito Mijares focuses on the study .

“And I think that in the future I will dedicate myself to singing, although sometimes it is difficult to assimilate the comments, both positive and negative, because you can believe it,” the young woman declared last December.

On his Instagram account, Lucerito also often shares photos in which the great relationship of love and complicity he has with both his father and mother can be seen.

One of these photos shows a moment in which, accompanying her father to the recording of a video, Lucerito Mijares sits on a throne and boasts to her mother that she is the true Owner, in relation to the character that Lucero played in the telenovela “I am your owner”.