The trick to find an iPhone with iCloud, even if it is turned off

Find an iPhone with iCloud. (photo: TodoAppleBlog)

lose a iPhone It is an experience that is not wished on anyone. After all, the mobile phones they contain all kinds of valuable personal information that is used on a daily basis, private data; as well as the contents that third parties entrust. However, thanks to the search engine, Manzana allows you to locate an iPhone quickly and without major inconveniences.

The service Find is exclusive to the Cupertino company. Not only does it allow you to quickly locate an iPhone, but you can also do the same with other devices of the brand; as a iPad, AirPods, Mac, Apple Watch and even a wallet MagSafe. In addition, it is completely free and pAllows you to perform other operations on a lost device even if it is miles away.

Among these functions you can delete personal data from the device, lock the terminal, play a sound to know if the device is silent; and even set lost mode to lock and track our iPhone.

With the search tool, you can find a lost iPhone and see its location on the map. Apple allows you to do this in several ways, and of course, Infobae will show how to do it in all cases:

How to locate an iPhone on the map from another Apple device

If you have another Apple device at home, it’s easier to find a lost iPhone. All it takes is another iPhone, iPad, Mac, or even Apple Watch connected to Internet:

Thanks to the company’s ecosystem, all Apple devices come with the Find My app installed by default. In this way you can access it and see the real-time location of the devices; as well as set lost mode, play sound and many other options. That is how:

1. Enter the app Find on an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple Watch.

2. Apple should be signed in if the device is associated with an account. If you do it from someone else’s mobile, you have to log in with your Apple ID.

3. In the section Devices you will be able to see a list of all those associated with your account. Now you have to look for your iPhone here.

4. Touch on it.

5. Now, I know you can see the location in real time. In case this is not accessible, the last known location can be seen.

Find an iPhone from another Apple device.  (photo: iSenaCode)
Find an iPhone from another Apple device. (photo: iSenaCode)

How to locate an iPhone on the map from iCloud

If you don’t have an Apple device, you can still find that lost iPhone easily. This option is accessible from a computer or device Android. Just follow this procedure:

– Enter to

– Here, you will be asked to sign in with your Apple ID.

– Once you have entered, you must enter the section Look for between the icon menu.

– You should be able to see all devices associated with the account. Among them, the iPhone. In the event that iCloud cannot display the terminal’s current location, the last known location will take its place.

iCloud.  (photo: K-tuin)
iCloud. (photo: K-tuin)

It is now possible to search for an iPhone without a battery

With the arrival of iOS 14Apple introduced the mode power reserve on the iPhone. However, with iOS 15.2 it has allowed easily locate the terminal even when it is turned off or unloaded.

Nevertheless, there will be a limit of five hours to search in our downloaded terminal. When this time window ends, the device will report its last known location, so ya will not display your location in real time.

If you want to know if your device supports power reserve, simply:

1. Unlock iPhone

2. Press and hold the power button until the slider indicator appears. Here it should read “iPhone can be located even after power off”.

If this text appears, your mobile phone will have this function; of course, Location must be enabled. This feature is automatically enabled when you update to iOS 15.2 or later, so if it doesn’t appear, your mobile device has an older or incompatible version.

iOS 15.4.  (photo: ThirteenBits)
iOS 15.4. (photo: ThirteenBits)

iPhone devices compatible with Power Reserve

– iPhone XS

– iPhone XS Max

-iPhone XR

– iPhone 11

– iPhone 11 Pro

– iPhone 11 Pro Max

-iPhone 12

-iPhone 12mini

– iPhone 12 Pro

– iPhone 12 Pro Max

-iPhone 13

-iPhone 13mini

– iPhone 13 Pro

– iPhone 13 Pro Max


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