The truth behind the absurd threat of demolition of Messi’s hotel in Sitges

The hotel that Messi has in Sitges, Barcelona

The story was put back on the table by some Spanish media, but it has a long history. It was in 2017 that Lionel messi acquired the Hotel MiM Sitges in Barcelona for a sum close to the 30 million euros. Now, due to alleged breaches of the city’s urban regulations regarding the extension of the balconies, it was reported that the City Council would force the Argentine to demolish the building for which he made such a large investment. But the information is imprecise: in reality it is a threat from the builder for the authorities to reverse the pressure.

Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez It was in 2013 who built this superior 4-star boutique hotel located 50 meters from the beach, which has 77 rooms and suites, 300 square meters of lounges with natural light, a luxury spa with a water circuit, swimming pool, gym and sky bar. Some time ago, the businessman had asked the Sitges City Council for the relevant licenses to build the work that was finished with balconies that protrude from the facade and did not comply with the regulations, for which he was ordered to demolish them.

According to Spanish media publications, Sánchez Rodríguez lent himself to a tug of war with the local authorities, who ordered him to tear down those projections of the structure to continue offering accommodation in the complex, which has rooms ranging from 105 to 216 euros (from 119 to 244 dollars) the night in double room. The former owner argued that, if the balconies were demolished, the entire building would have to be torn down for foundation and structure issues. He looked for alternatives and even removed the railings from the viewpoints, canceling the passage to them with fixed windows so that it could continue to function.

It was even said that in 2018, when he had already made the sale of the property, he filed an appeal against the decision of the Barcelona court, which ordered him to tear down the balconies, it was rejected (and he also received a coercive fine).

MiM Sitges hotel messi
Images of the interior of Messi’s hotel in Sitges (

“After a long judicial procedure, finally the sentence is final and it agrees with us as a city council. In this sentence, it is stated that “the balconies” must be demolished. Currently, the city council has started the procedures so that the property of the property demolishes the outgoing bodies. The demolition has not yet been carried out, since the property indicates that ‘the projecting bodies are structural and their demolition puts the hotel’s structure at risk’ and Obviously, it is necessary to technically assess how to comply with the sentence, taking into account the risks”Was what the local authorities specified.

Local political sources assured Infobae that the projections were approved by the City Council when the building was constructed. After the change of government and the modifications of some laws, they proceeded to the request to remove the bodies from the hotel managed by the Majestic chain and located on the renowned Avenida Sofía in Sitges.

It is Francisco Sánchez Rodríguez himself who is carrying out the litigation and unilaterally alleged that the building should be demolished, as a “method of pressure” towards the authorities on duty who insist on correcting the façade as dictated by Catalan urban planning. In the worst case, if the determination to retouch these projections remains firm, the expenses corresponding to the work will be paid with money for “future problems” that Messi set aside at the time of the transaction in 2017, for contingencies.


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