The truth behind the alleged fight between Shakira’s brother and Gerard Piqué

It was revealed that this meeting did not happen as reported by various media.

The controversy continues to haunt Shakira and Gerard Piqué, since a few days after the former soccer player made the first visit to his children in Miami, it was announced that Piqué would spend fewer days than agreed and during that visit there was speculation an alleged confrontation between Tonino Mebarak, the singer’s brother, and Piqué.

Said meeting would have occurred when Piqué picked up his children from Shakira’s new mansion, according to some sources, although several media have already come out to deny said event.

What really happened between Tonino and Piqué?

According to La Vanguardia, people close to the former couple denied the alleged fight between Piqué and Tonino Meberak.

These sources confirmed that they had met but assured that there was no physical aggression between them.

These sources added that Tonino Mebarak, Shakira’s brother, was the one who opened the door of the singer’s new house when Piqué arrived to pick up his children.

The informants assured that both men met at the moment the children left with the soccer player, but that there was no physical aggression.

Tonino, who is 50 years old and is close to Shakira, has been her road manager on concert tours and is always aware of her and her nephews.