The Tucanes de Tijuana already have their own day in Las Vegas; they triumphed in concert

Pablo Antonio Castro Zavala

Within the framework of their 36-year artistic career, Los Tucanes de Tijuana celebrated in style with a concert in the Entertainment Capital of the World.

The well-attended event took place at the Virgin Hotel and Casino on Saturday night, July 15, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Starting at 7 pm, the fans of the group formed in 1987 in the city of Tijuana began to arrive. Almost 5,000 people packed the theater of the emblematic Virgin hotel to applaud each of the hits of Los Tucanes, who pleased the audience with almost two hours of music, turning the venue into a gigantic dance floor.

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Pablo Antonio Castro Zavala, President of the World Hall of Fame and the Las Vegas Walk of Stars was in charge of welcoming the artists from Sinaloa.

One of the most representative moments of the night was when Castro Zavala presented the leader and founder of Los Tucanes de Tijuana, Mario Quintero, with a government proclamation with the appointment of his own day, issued by the Nevada Congress and Senate, the which was signed by Senator and political leader Edgar Flores.


Likewise, the interpreter of ‘La Chona’ received the Diamond Award from the International Association of Press, Radio and Television based in the city of lights.

Visibly moved, Quintero thanked the significant tribute dedicated to Los Tucanes de Tijuana: “Thank you very much Pablito Castro for these recognitions that you give us tonight, and for promoting these tributes for us artists, taking our music to various cities to bring joy to the public.

“We also remember the star that you gave us several years ago in front of the MGM hotel, something historic and very emotional,” said the San Diego-based singer-songwriter.

With information from Pablo Antonio Castro Zavala.