The TUDN member who praised Martinoli, Dr. García and Jorge Campos for their coverage

(Photo: Instagram / @ garciaposti)

Far was the enmity between Aztec Sports and Televisa. Although they are currently competing for ratings, their rivalry is no longer like it was when Jose Ramon Fernandez He was in charge of the section in Aztec TV.

Now they give themselves the opportunity to recognize the virtues between them, as confessed a member of TUDN. The actual editorial director of the chain Televisa praised the work he has done Christian martinoli, Luis Garcia and Jorge Campos in their narratives.

Is about Francisco Javier Gonzalez the one who praised the comic style of the storytellers of Aztec TV. In an interview with Adela Micha for the program The Saga, Javier González was honest about what he thinks of the Martinoli duo – Doctor García and the contribution of Immortal.

When asked his opinion about sports commentators, Francisco Javier did not hesitate to say that his formula has worked for them to get closer to the public and considered Jorge Campos as a fundamental piece of its coverage, as it is the figure that provides entertainment to the broadcast, according to Javier González’s words.

“Campos is their great accomplice and his job is to say nothing and make you laugh. Jorge knows much more than what he expresses in the broadcasts, ”he said.

Regarding the work that Martinoli does together with the Doctor García in the narration of the matches, for the editorial director of TUDN His style pleases many people, to the degree of winning in rating points to Televisa.

Francisco Javier Gonzalez described as “wonderful” the formula that both characters adapted at the time of chronicling a game. He also recognized the connection that Luis García has with Martinoli and vice versa, so he did not hesitate for a moment to praise their work.

“Christian and Luis found a wonderful formula. A very empathetic formula, with a lot of chemistry between the two of them and a construction of 15 years, so they stuck it together ”, he acknowledged in an interview with Adela Micha.

The editorial director of TUDN accepted that when they compete in simultaneous broadcasts -as in matches of the Mexican National Team- there are times when Televisa to Aztec TV but at other times it is not so.

“They are very fought, sometimes they win, sometimes we,” said González. With the new competition from pay-channel television stations, the variety for the public has diversified, so that the two open television channels continue to compete.

Before Francisco Javier González worked at TUDNFor many years he was part of José Ramón Fernández’s work team in Aztec TV. In the 1990s he was a member of the commentators on The protagonists and the different coverage of the Ajusco television station.

There he crossed with the work of Martinoli and later with that of Luis García. But with the Doctor did not have long to live together, because in 2001 he left Aztec TV same year in which the former soccer figure joined the work team of Joserra.


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