The two actors who dated Ferka before Jorge Losa and Christian Estrada

Ferka dated two actors before enjoying the love of Jorge Losa


Ferka tried to give herself a chance at love with two famous people and here we tell you what happened

Ferka She is one of the most talented, brave actresses who has achieved a strong connection with the public through her participation in different reality shows, between Televisa and TV Azteca, where she began her career. Currently, she has a love relationship with the Spanish actor Jorge Losabut in the past she dated two other actors.

María Fernanda Quiroz Gilbetter known as Ferka, she dated the actors Jorge Luis Vázquez and Diego de Ericebefore he fell in love and got engaged to Christian Estradafather of her firstborn.

Ferka and her romances with Jorge Luis Vázquez and Diego de Erice

In 2016, Ferka and Jorge Luis Vázquez met when they participated in ‘La Isla’, TV Azteca’s survival reality show. The actors did not have a good relationship, since they were rivals within the competition; However, when the project ended they began dating until they formed a love relationship.

A year later, the actress from the telenovela ‘Looking for a Man’ and the actor from ‘Caer en Temptation’ announced their separation due to the workload each of them had.

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After her brief relationship with Jorge Luis Vázquez, Ferka dated Diego de Erice in 2020 and it was rumored that they were having a romance after being caught very lovey-dovey at an entertainment center in Mexico City.

The actors never confirmed this information, although it is said that their love was fleeting. In fact, Ferka met Diego again in The House of the Famous Mexicosince the actress was one of the participants and the actor from the soap opera ‘How poor so rich’ was one of the hosts of the reality show.

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At the moment, Ferka maintains a stable relationship with the actor Jorge Losa, whom he met at Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy. Later, both entered La Casa de los Famosos México and after leaving the reality show, Jorge proposed to the actress.

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