The two great goals by Luis Suárez that gave Nacional the title and the moment in which he broke down with emotion

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*The consecration day of Luis Suárez with Nacional de Montevideo

Luis Suarez lived a dream with Montevideo National. Is that The gunman was the great figure of the afternoon that consecrated the capital team in the Uruguayan Championship in the decisive duel played against Liverpool in the historic stadium Centenary.

After winning the accumulated Annual Table, the Tricolor He reached the definition with an advantage and a victory was enough for him to shout champion. The former forward of Barcelona and the Atletico Madrid, among other powers in Europe, opened the scoring, but a few minutes later a penalty executed by Vecino sealed the 1-1 lead to extra time.

In extra time the team led by Paul Repetto concretized the glory with another masterpiece of Fought and the hierarchy of Cougar Gigliottiwho also celebrated twice to sentence the 4 to 1 definitive.

The historical scorer of the Uruguayan national team won his third Uruguayan Championship with the Handbagafter having won the 2005 and 2005/2006 tournaments, both with Martin Lasarte as a coach.

As for your preparation for the Qatar World Cup, Luis Suarez sumo 14 matches with the t-shirt National (13 starters), which meant a presence of 1,181 minutes (60 in the Copa Sudamericana), in which he converted 8 points.

Naturally, the emotion that invaded the face of the international figure is related to his future, since as he made clear in the previous engagement, after the world Cup in the Gulf country, the attacker will look for a new destination in Europe.

In addition to the three conquests with the Tricolor, The gunman added a new star to those he had achieved in the past, where he celebrated twice in the Ajax from the Netherlands, one in the Liverpool of England, 13 with the Barcelonaone with the Atletico Madrid and one with the Uruguayan team.

The campaign of National left no doubt. In the Closure won 10 games, drew 4 and only lost 1, shaping an effectiveness of 75%with 26 goals for and 9 against. In the Annual, meanwhile, they were 24 wins, 9 equalities and 4 falls, which left a coefficient of 73% effectiveness, with 69 goals to his credit and 20 against. In Uruguay there is a new owner of football. Forks Bag.


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