The UK noted that the Victory Day parade revealed the difficulties in the Russian Army

Russian President Vladimir Putin during the Victory Day commemoration parade on Red Square in Moscow (Sputnik/Reuters) (SPUTNIK/)

The British Intelligence services indicated on Wednesday that the military parade held on Tuesday in Moscow’s Red Square on the occasion of Victory Day reveals “material and strategic communication difficulties” within the Russian Army due to the invasion of Ukraine.

“The composition of the Victory Day parade on Red Square shows the material and strategic communication difficulties faced by the (Russian) Army after 15 months of war in Ukraine,” they said.

They also pointed out that “more than 8,000 members of their staff participated in the parade, but the majority were auxiliaries, paramilitary forces and cadets from military training centers”.

Thus, they have stated that “the only personnel in deployable formations of regular forces were contingents of Railway Troops and the Military Police.”

A vintage T-34 from a ceremonial unit was the only tank in the parade”, they added in the daily publication of the British Ministry of Defense through their account on the social network Twitter.

The lone Soviet-era T-34 tank in the parade on Tuesday (Reuters)
The lonely T-34 tank, from the Soviet era, in the parade on Tuesday (Reuters) (YULIA MOROZOVA /)

“Despite Ukraine’s heavy losses, Russia could have presented more armored vehicles”, they qualified, while asserting that “the authorities have probably avoided doing so because want to avoid internal criticism for prioritizing parades over combat operations”.

The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, denounced during his speech during the parade that the country is the victim of a “real war” and blamed the West for having “forgotten” who defeated the Nazi troops in World War II. “A real war is being waged against our homeland,” he said, before charging at the “Western globalist elites” who claim their political “exclusivity” and “cause bloody conflicts and coups.”

“For Russia, for our brave armed forces, for victory! Hooray! ”, He exclaimed before giving way to the march of thousands of soldiers.

The Victory Day parade has historically served to show part of Russia’s military power, although in this year’s edition there has been no air show nor a massive display of battle tanks.. In contrast, there were armored cars, as well as S-400 air defense systems and Yars-type intercontinental missiles.

Putin’s speech was overshadowed by defiant statements by the head of Russia’s Wagner paramilitary group, Yevgeny Prigozhin, fighting in Ukraine, who leveled harsh accusations against the Russian military.

The commemorations of May 9 took place amid tight security measures, after the attacks on Russian territory attributed by Moscow to kyiv multiplied.

(With information from Europa Press and AFP)

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