The Ukrainian Orthodox Church announced its break with the Moscow Patriarchate for supporting the invasion

Patriarch Kirill (REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov/File Photo) (MAXIM SHEMETOV/)

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church (UPTS) today announced his break with the Moscow Patriarchate due to his open support for the Russian “special military operation” in Ukraine.

We express our disagreement with Moscow Patriarch Kirill’s stance on the war in Ukrainesays the statement posted on the UPTS website.

For this reason, the UPTS Council today made the decision to declare “the full autonomy and independence of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church”.

“The council appeals to the Ukrainian and Russian authorities to continue the negotiating process and the search for a strong and sensible word that can stop the bloodshed,” he adds.

Kirill, who maintains a close relationship with the Kremlin, called on the Russians in his homilies to close ranks with the Kremlin and the Russian Army in their holy war with the “Antichrist”.”, that is, the Ukrainian government and its Western sponsors.

Many of the Ukrainian dioceses still dependent on the Moscow Patriarchate stopped mentioning Kiril in their sermons. in a clear sign of rejection.

Ukrainian refugees at a ceremony of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Berlin (REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch)
Ukrainian refugees at a ceremony of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Berlin (REUTERS / Fabrizio Bensch) (FABRIZIO BENSCH /)

the russian patriarch he was the one who promoted the idea of ​​the “Russian World”, that is, wherever Russian is spoken and the faith is Orthodox, regardless of internationally recognized borders, it is an area of ​​influence for Moscow, whose messianic mission is to defend Russians and their traditional values.

The UPTS also extended a hand today to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (PTSU), created in 2018 by kyiv after receiving the support of the Patriarchate of Constantinople, an enemy of Moscow.

He urges dialogue in order to restore the unity of the Ukrainian Orthodox by renouncing the forced transfer of parishes to the PTSU.

Thus, the Moscow Patriarchate loses one of its main territories, Ukrainewhere the majority of the faithful are Orthodox, although there are also several million Catholics belonging to the Uniate Church.

The close dependence of the Russian Orthodox Church on the dictates of the Kremlin distanced gradually to the Ukrainian Orthodox of the Moscow Patriarchate.

“The patriarch personally made the decision to be one of the ideologues of the political system created by Russian President Vladimir Putin. It has become one of its main allies to the point of justifying the war in Ukraine,” theologian Sergei Chapnin, who worked for the Moscow Patriarchate for fifteen years, recently told Efe.

Kirill, in the service of Putin

The Russian patriarch was the one who promoted the idea of ​​​​the
The Russian patriarch was the one who promoted the idea of ​​​​the “Russian World” (Sputnik / Alexei Druzhinin / Kremlin via REUTERS) (SPUTNIK /)

The Patriarch Kirillresponsible for Russian Orthodox Christians since 2009, put his church at the service of the despot of Moscow Vladimir PutinWith which shares his ambition for a conservative, strong and imperial Russia, and supported Moscow’s offensive in Ukraine.

For many years, the 75-year-old religious leader, he does not hesitate to show himself blessing weapons and missilesnor in justifying the repression of the opposition and the independent media. He, like Putin, also sees Ukraine and Belarus as “brother” countries that should have remained under the thumb of Moscow.and not as different nations.

The patriarch has multiplied declarations of support for the Russian offensive in Ukraine. The European Commission wants to sanction it, which it has already done with Putin and several Russian officials.

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