The UN demanded that the Chinese regime guarantee human rights in Xinjiang

He United Nations High Commissioner for the Human Rights, Volker Turkasked Tuesday the authorities of the beijing regime to act against the situation of minorities in the Chinese province of xinjiang.

Turk is under pressure from Western countries and human rights organizations to take a tough stance on Xinjiang, following a report by his predecessor Michelle Bachelet citing possible crimes against humanity in the Chinese region.

The UN is especially concerned about minorities such as the Xinjiang Uyghurs and Tibetans, Turk declared in his speech at the first session of the year UN Human Rights Council.

“As far as China is concerned, we have opened communication channels with a number of actors to follow up on various issues related to human rights,” he said.

“In the region of xinjiangmy office has documented serious concerns, especially large-scale arbitrary detentions and ongoing family separations, and has made important recommendations that require concrete follow-up.”

He also expressed his discomfort with the national security law in Hong Kong imposed in 2020 to stamp out dissent following massive and often violent pro-democracy demonstrations in the city.

Volker Turk, United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, attends the Human Rights Council at the United Nations in Geneva. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (DENIS BALIBOUSE/)

On the other hand, in a confrontational first press conference, the new Chinese foreign minister, qin gangchided Washington for its Taiwan policy, while He highlighted Beijing’s close relationship with Russia.

Qin defended the link with Moscow, stating that the ties “are an example for world foreign relations.”

With China and Russia working together, the world will have a driving force“, he claimed. “The more unstable the world becomes, the more imperative it is for China and Russia to move their relations forward,” she added.

According to what he stated, there is “close contact” between the leaders of both countries, and that relations between “heads of state” constituted the anchor of the relationship. “The strategic partnership (…) will undoubtedly grow from strength to strength,” she stressed.

The foreign minister also accused the United States of only seeking to “contain” China, reproached that country for “creating a crisis” and warned that its attitude could derail bilateral relations.

“We saw it in the recent episode of the balloons. They resorted to the presumption of guilt, dramatized what was an accident, used force and caused a crisis. The US is wrong about China,” Qin said at his first public press conference on the sidelines of the annual session of the Chinese Legislative Assembly (National People’s Assembly).

During his appearance within the main political event of the year in the Asian country, The foreign minister considered that Washington “has taken China as its main geopolitical rival and it is not about competition. They try to contain China. This is confrontation.”

Qin added that the United States “keeps repeating that you have to respect the rules, but if they try to make the other fall, it is a confrontation in bad faith”.

“They won’t get away with it,” he snapped. In his opinion, “If they don’t step on the brakes and continue with this madness, they won’t be able to prevent the train from derailing.and this China rejects tremendously”.

Qin’s harsh and almost apocalyptic words seemed to defy predictions that China would abandon its aggressive diplomacy for a more dovish stance as bilateral ties are at an all-time low.

(With information from AFP)

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