The UN documented 40 executions of prisoners of war amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

SENSITIVE MATERIAL. A body that according to residents was killed by Russian army soldiers, amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in Bucha, Kyiv region, Ukraine April 2, 2022. REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra/File (ZOHRA BENSEMRA/)

The UN He said on Friday that he is “deeply concerned” for what he described as summary executions of prisoners of war allegedly carried out by security forces Ukraine and Russia in the context of the conflict.

The head of the Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine, Matilda Bognernoted that the organization has documented killings on both sides.

“We are deeply concerned about the summary execution of up to 25 Russian prisoners of war and people outside the fighting by the Ukrainian armed forceswhich we have documented,” Bogner said at a press conference in the Ukrainian capital, kyiv.

The UN official pointed out that in several cases, these executions were perpetrated immediately after the capture on the battlefield.

“Although we are aware that the Ukrainian authorities are investigating five cases, we are not aware that the perpetrators have been prosecuted,” he added.

Bogner also expressed “deep” concern over the “summary execution of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war shortly after being captured by Russian forces”.

The official said that the Russian mercenary group Wagnerwhich claims to be leading Russia’s offensive in the Ukrainian town of Bakhmutwhere the fiercest battle of the war is being fought, is responsible for eleven of these deaths.

Ukraine and Russia have accused each other of mistreating prisoners of war since Russian President, Vladimir Putinlaunched the invasion last year.

Ukrainian soldiers in an armored vehicle at the front lines in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, March 22, 2023. (AP Photo/Libkos)
Ukrainian soldiers in an armored vehicle at the front in Bakhmut, Donetsk region, Ukraine, March 22, 2023. (AP Photo/Libkos) (LIBKOS/)

The International Criminal Court has launched its own investigation into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Ukraine, thanks to Kiev accepting its jurisdiction, although neither Ukraine nor Russia are members of the court, created in 2002.

Due to a change in the Rome Statutewhich determines the operation of the court, it can prosecute the crime of aggression since 2018, but not in the case of non-member countries, such as Russia.

For its part, the European Commission plans to set up the International Center for the Prosecution of the Crime of Aggression (ICPA), which seeks to preserve the evidence and prepare its analysis for a possible trial of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, for next summer. boreal, while judicial coordination with the United States is expanded.

Spokesman Christian Wigand explained that, following the signing of a modified agreement on the role of the ICPA by the seven partners of the Joint Investigation Team (JIT), Eurojust “will now proceed with the technical implementation of the center and we hope that the first components be ready in the coming months, for summer”.

(With information from AFP and EFE)

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