The uncomfortable story that relates to Arturo Carmona, Aracely Arámbula and Luis Miguel

Although it was a rumor, until nowto Arturo Carmonto admitted that he was a couple of Aracely Arámbula, Well, he told in an interview with Fernando Lozano that he even had a very beautiful relationship with Miguel and Daniel, the actress’s children with Luis Miguel.

However, a very uncomfortable triangle formed between the couple and El Sol, because in the former soccer player’s version, Aracely stayed longer with the father of her children than she should.

“I applauded that she pretended and caused the father to see his children, what I did not understand is that she went and stayed right there. I did what I did at that time [en esa misma situación]Without having airplanes, I went to where my daughter was and stayed in a hotel. You have to respect yourself, ”Carmona recalled.

Apparently, Arturo was uncomfortable not only that La Chule personally took his children with their father, but also that they had to hide their relationship.

“I was very tired of many things. The funny thing is that the whole family [de ella] He was with me, I was offended, I was also hiding, I thought: ‘I’m not so lying on the bed that you are hiding me’ “.

Let’s remember that at that time it was rumored that, by a contract previously signed with Luis Miguel, Aracely Arámbula could not have a new partner. What is confirmed, so far, is Arturo Carmona’s annoyance in this situation:

“I started to get tired and apart I hid myself, [pensé] ‘What am I doing here?’ There came a time when I got tired and she understood it very well and today we talked about it and she tells me that she would have liked to turn back time. “

Of course, Arturo had a good relationship with Miguel and Daniel: “The children [y yo] We had a very nice bond… we lived together. I dare say that I became the father of those children at that time.