The United Kingdom evaluates placing electronic anklets on undocumented migrants arriving in the country

Dozens of migrants leave the port of Grand-Fort-Philippe, in France, to cross the English Channel to the United Kingdom in a small boat (REUTERS / Pascal Rossignol) (PASCAL ROSSIGNOL /)

The British Government is considering resorting to the placement of electronic devices to control those immigrants who enter the country undocumented United Kingdom in order to prevent his escape.

The British Home Secretary, Suella Bravermansaid today to BBC that from the ExecutiveAll options are being considered.” to “exercise some control” on those asylum seekers who cross into the UK irregularly via the English Channel in small boats.

The conservative politician was asked about information that was first published by the newspaper The Timeswhich revealed the alleged plans being studied by the Government of Rishi Sunak to force migrants who enter undocumented and who cannot be temporarily housed in detention centers in the country to carry electronic devices due to lack of space.

British Home Secretary Suella Braverman (British Parliament/Andy Bailey/REUTERS)
British Home Secretary Suella Braverman (British Parliament/Andy Bailey/REUTERS) (UK PARLIAMENT/ANDY BAILEY/)

Braverman alluded in this sense to the recent implementation of new legislation “of reference“, the call Illegal Migration Law, which gives them “power to detain those who arrive here illegally and take them promptly to a safe country like Rwanda.”

The minister admitted that from the Government “all options are being evaluated”.

Due to this Illegal Migration Law, the Government has a legal obligation to detain those people who enter this country illegally and throw them well to Rwanda -with whom you have an agreement- or to another “safe” third country. Recent changes also include the use of boats to hold migrants.

One of the barges used to hold migrants (Ben Birchall/PA Wire/dpa)
One of the barges used to hold migrants (Ben Birchall/PA Wire/dpa) (Ben Birchall/)

Nevertheless, The Times pointed out that the shortage of accommodation for those asylum seekers take the British Home Office to explore other alternatives.

According to a source leaked by that newspaper, although it is mainly advocated for increasing the spaces in detention centers, the Home Office has not discarded the option of resorting to electronic devices.

On the other hand, the government hopes that Justice will finish settle the legality of the expulsion plan to Rwandawhich was harshly criticized from organizations that defend Human Rights, including the UN.

At the end of last June, more than 175,000 people were waiting for a decision on their asylum application44% more migrants in this situation compared to the 122,213 registered a year ago, which has an annual cost for the taxpayer of almost 4,000 million pounds (4,600 million euros).

This increase has been driven by asylum seekers who cross the country through the English Channel in small boats -19,000 so far this year- and who process their asylum application upon arrival in the United Kingdom.

(With information from EFE and Europa Press)

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