The United Kingdom maintains that Russia will not be able to manufacture high-tech weapons on a large scale due to the impact of sanctions

Cadets of the Russian Naval School. REUTERS/Alexey Pavlishak (Alexey Pavlishak/)

The UK intelligence services They have pointed this Friday to a “inability” by Russia to manufacture on a large scale some high tech systems that he promotes at arms sales conventions due to the impact of sanctions.

“In spite of the war in UkraineRussian Defense companies continue to show their products at major international arms sales conventions”, they said, before specifically pointing to the active protection system ‘Sand-E’according to a series of messages published by the British Ministry of Defense on his Twitter account.

Thus, they have indicated that this system is designed to “improve the survivability of armored vehicles”, according to the brochure itself, before stressing that “there is no evidence” that these systems are being installed in Russian vehicles deployed in Ukraine.

The British Intelligence services have stressed that Russia “has lost more than 5,000 armored vehicles” since the start of the invasion and has argued that “it is likely” that the Russian military industry will not be able to manufacture these systems on a large scale, “an exacerbated problem due to the effects of international sanctions.

Meanwhile, the United States Department of Justice announced the hiring of 25 prosecutors additional measures to increase the controls related to the sanctions imposed on Russiaas confirmed by the “number two” of the US judicial body, Matt Olsen.

Russian armored vehicles are loaded onto train platforms at a station in a region near the Russia-Ukraine border, in Russia's Rostov-on-Don region.  (AP Photo)
Russian armored vehicles are loaded onto train platforms at a station in a region near the Russia-Ukraine border, in Russia’s Rostov-on-Don region. (AP Photo) (Uncredited/)

“It is part of efforts to ensure that companies and third parties do not help Russia to evade sanctionsafter having verified that, until now, this type of violation by some companies has occurred often,” he said.

In February, a group dedicated exclusively to the control of these illegal exports in the field of technology, so that they did not have as their final destination countries or foreign entities in conflict with USA.

A week ago, Washington announced a new package of sanctions, the toughest yet, against more than one hundred individuals and entities associated with the metallurgical, mining, financial, technological and military sectors of Russia, as well as against 30 citizens and entities from other countries accused of collaborating with Moscow, in one of the most energetic measures of this caliber since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine a year ago.

Likewise, the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkenand the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrovmet briefly on Thursday at a summit of foreign ministers from the G20 in Indiain the first high-level meeting between the two countries in months.

According to US officials, blinken and lavrov they chatted for about 10 minutes on the sidelines of the meeting of the group of 20 in New Delhi. The brief meeting coincides with the cooling of relations between Washington and Moscow and the increase in tensions over Russia’s war in Ukraine.

In a press conference, Blinken claimed that he told Lavrov that the United States will continue supporting Ukraine for as long as necessary and will press for an end to the war through whatever diplomatic terms kyiv agrees to.

“Put an end to this war of aggression, engage in serious diplomacy that can produce a just and lasting peace,” Blinken said, indicating to Lavrov. However, he noted that “President Putin has shown zero interest in participating, saying there is nothing to talk about until Ukraine accepts the new territorial reality.”

Blinken said he also urged Russia to reverse “its irresponsible decision and return” to participating in the New START nuclear treaty.

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